ARG! I'm such an idiot!

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  1. I got a new housing for my Motorola SLVR the other day in the mail. I was tired of the pink and wanted to change the color. Stupid me took it upon myself to not read the instructions that came with it, and now my phone is messed up. The ear piece no longer works, so I can't hear anyone. The only way I can communicate, is by using speaker phone. Now everyone within a 10 foot radius of me, can hear my conversations :smash:
  2. ahhh sorry to hear that. Have you got warranty on the phone so that you can have it repaired? :smile:
  3. Ack! maybe take to the store, hopefully the can fix it.
  4. try to take the battery out coz it will reset the phone and see if everything fixed. first rule in engr if you want to fix something without debugging the problem, reset it.
  5. That sounds like something I'd do. I'm good at blindly jumping into things.
  6. My warranty was up last month (go figure). I tried taking the battery out, but that didn't help. Luckily my sister dropped Cingular and went to Sprint, and still has her SLVR. She told me I could have it.
  7. Oh man... bummer! Hope you get your sisters phone!
  8. uggg that is so annoying hope everything works out for the best