Arg! French Tips!!

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  1. I just got a manicure the other day and already my nails are destroyed!! It seems like this happens no matter HOW HARD I try to keep them nice... Any advice on how to keep my nails from chipping (the paint that is)...?

  2. If they're going to look that bad I'd go in once a week to have them touched up. Or have them put a layer of gel on the top to keep them nicer..before I started getting the acrylic tips, that's what I had them do.
  3. Let me give this a little bump! I've never actually worn acrylics so I don't really have any advice. Hopefully you'll get more responses now.
  4. i had the same problem which is why i stopped getting my nails done. it wasn't worth it for the money spent.
  5. I get pink and white acryllic with gel on top. It lasts very well.
  6. Gel nails with permanent white french chipping ever.

    Sorry to hear your manicure isn't lasting! I love gel + french because I hate the chipped look. Even when gels grow out, they still blend in well and look natural so I fill them maybe every 2.5 weeks. :smile:

    BTW, just had to pimp my gel nails so I've attached photos! They almost always look this good even when grown out. I had a little nail art on this one and it's "sealed in gel." :wlae:

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  7. aww pretty nails clanalois, lol :smile:

    I think I might start getting acrylics too, although im not too sure just yet lol
  8. It's not really a good idea to get acrylic if you don't need them since the filing ruins your nails. If you have nice natural nails, just get them painted and a small layer of gel on top.

    Have you thought of buying a top coat which is supposed to help the nail polish stay?
  9. whenever I ask for a full french, they never offer me the gel on top, should I get this done?
    What do I ask for? lol
  10. clanalois- your nails look so pretty!!! I would get acrylics but I just can't seem to keep my own nails looking forget fake ones. I keep my nails very short and clean with a clear nail polish on top...ver simple and boring...but i'd love to try acrylics sometime maybe.
  11. Gorgeous nails and ring, clanalois! What is the gel? They don't automatically put that on? Sorry, I got french tips a few weeks ago and they still look good, so I'm assuming they did something right, but I didn't notice a gel. Is that just the top coat?
  12. Just ask for a gel top coat. It's a small coat which hardens under UV light.
  13. Gel nails last longer.. whenever your own nails grow, it still looks good. I have gel nails for almost a year now.. and i love it!

  14. I had this same problem I got sick of spending 20 bucks (Plus tip) to have my nails look bad 2 days later. I took the money and bought my own nailpolish and do it myself every couple of days now. I still suck at it, and I go every so often to get rid of hangnails that I can't get rid of myself, but, otherwise, I see no difference really. I use Sally Hansen clearn nail finish on top tho and that helps a little for the color to stay.
  15. Hey thanks! I :heart: french tips!

    According to my nail salon gel is a harder type of acrylic, but an acrylic nonetheless. I don't know the specific details, but I think that gels look much more natural than acrylics. They look like a clear topcoat has been put on, and are not as "thick fake" looking. A lot of it also has to do with technique, I suppose. They also seem to "lift" less.

    My nail salon has two types of acrylics, one is regular and one is gel, and the gel is noticeably different than regular acrylic. :smile: I'm referring to the appearance of the powder; the same acrylic activator is used for both powders.

    See if your salon offers gel!