arent these the cutest earrings?

  1. My fav SA contacted me about these earrings from ACT II, they are gold braided CC earrings. So cute, pratical and affordable! $130.00
    chanel braided earrings.JPG
  2. even though the picture is a bit blurry, i really like it!

    do you happen to know the style no etc? i'd like to call my SA about it!

  3. Sorry my SA was in a hurry. I was waitlisted for them and was number #5 on her list of #8 to be recieved. If you want my SAs info, please PM me.
    otherwise I have included the stock photo and the style number in the pic below!
    style num.JPG
  4. OMG! its oh so cute! what a good deal! I think ill grab a pair too! =) Thanks for sharing!
  5. very cute do you know if they come in silver??
  6. very cute! I love the gold pair!
  7. the stock photo is of a gold pair, but its a black and white pic....yellow colored gold is what they are available in, as far as I know.
  8. very cute!
  9. so affordable!
  10. love the earrings.
  11. Cute earrings with a very cute price!!
  12. cute! :smile:
  13. These are cute. The price is good too.

  14. Cute! Great price!
  15. They are so cuteee!!! Really love it! Congrats!