Aren't these sweet~~~?

  1. I was out of town and also went to Hermes yesterday. I have been busy today as well...All of sudden, I remember something, and took these out...from my dear sweetest Hermes store manager...He always greets and says 'good-by' to me with cheek-kisses:tender: (which I love it!..heeheeehe.. I feel very close to him and his store:p)! He is really such a sweet guy!...And these are as sweet as he is~~~~~~~~! He gave us a set of 4 for me, my DH and two kids!

    These are so lovely!:heart:
  2. What a wonderful treat!
  3. Awwww! How nice!
  4. If Hermes puts out a line of chocolate that will be my final and total undoing.
  5. Yummy!
  6. Right? They'd NEVER be rid of me.:roflmfao:
  7. too pretty to eat!
  8. You do kow they made a full size chocolate Birkin... right? :sweatdrop:
  9. Aww! That is sweet! (And OMG, Hermes and chocolate would be such a deadly combination.)
  10. Very sweet and kind of your store manager, Aspen....
  11. I am loving those!!!
  12. Hermes and chocolate.....the idea terrifies me. How to break it to DH that I am obssesed with yet another Hermes line???????????????????????

    Aspen, they look great!!!
  13. looks delicious! Awesome H store manager!
  14. I agree. The last thing I want Hermes to sell is chocolates. Not good for my waistline.

    You've a nice manager, aspen!
  15. YUM ASPEN!!!!!! Lucky you - they look delicious!