Arena Matelasse!

  1. Hong Kong seller yet the location of the bag is WISCONSIN!...oooh, buyer beware!
  2. really strange! i hate it when stuff comes up like this. because it could be a really fantastic deal or end up being something that makes you cry your eyes out.
  3. Too risky for that much. Love the bag though.
  4. She said she accepts paypal in the Q&A at the bottom of the page. Go for it Pewter!!!:yes:
  5. YES! I'm going to go for it! :yahoo:
  6. Pewter ... you should ... the starting bid is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the Retail on this bag (which is $1795!!!).
  7. this auction inspired me to return my matelasse- I decided to wait and pick it up 2nd hand. I came to my senses and realized i should wait and save myself a bunch of money. Although, I will certainly keep my hands off this auction, pewter! you've got dibs!
  8. Aw, thank you Mercer that is so sweet. :flowers: Actually you should go for it... I just bought this bag from the most wonderful PFer! Thank you "N"!! Good luck if you go for this bag! I hope you find another matelasse at a great price!
  9. awwww...good for you! you'll LOVE the bag- so pretty!