Arena Leather Giant Envelope clutch bag

  1. I now nothing about Balenciaga, and rarely venture into this forum! I was wondering if anyone giant is it really?? I think its a gorgeous bag!! Also, what colors are available in this bag?? Thank you for your thoughts!!
  2. wow!! Just re read my post!! Sorry for the typos!! I really was wondering about the measurement. Has anyone seen this bag?? I can always call Barneys I suppose. I saw it in the catalog. THX!
  3. [​IMG]would a pic help?
  4. Sunshine, I haven't seen it yet IRL, but I believe it's 8" X 12" and retails for $945.
  5. Yes, I was just going to say it's about the size of a piece of paper. I saw it at Barney's last week and it's much larger in person than I thought it would be. I saw them in black and jaune and they are really, really gorgeous.
  6. Thanks ladies...It so cute...Im in love with it!!
  7. I just saw that today IRL~ it is HUGE!!! I'm talking HUGE !!! It's a show stopper though!!!
  8. OH REALLY!!! I love that its HUGE!! Oh....I want to see IRL BAD!!!
  9.'s a fabulous clutch. Here's mine. NM ordered it in several colors :smile:

  10. OMG~ Live~ that is gorgeous!!!! :love: DROOLING!!!! :drool::drool::drool: I swear~ it looks so much bigger IRL!!!! So wish I had use for it!!!! It's TDF!!!!
  11. OMG livethelake your clutch is TDF!!
  12. Thanks Zac and blueeyez........

    Zac, girl - and it's RED :woohoo: (and the perfect shade of red :love:) I don't really have a clutch life but it's perfect in a larger my Cabas bags...and it holds a ton too...

    I really love this little bag...
  13. Thank you so much for posting pics. I want to see one ASAP! Its gorgeous!!
  14. ^^^ I know~ I was going to say that it is the perfect shade of red!!!~ FINALLY!!! ~ especially the GSH brightens it up big time!!! HOT HOT HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love::beach:
  15. OMG:drool:!! I want it, I need it, I have to have it!!!!!!!!!!