Are ZENITH watches too "childish"?

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  2. They are colorful and look like fun watches!! If you like them, go for it!!
  3. I don't find them childish/too girly. Zenith is a very good brand and I think the design and the styles of their watches suits women of different age groups. Plus the fact that this styles (baby star opens) lets you see the movement of the watch, shows that it's for more "mature" individuals who have an appreciation not only for the design but also for the movement of the watch...
  4. Welcome to the board!! :biggrin: Um, to post pictures, just right hand click w/your mouse, copy the image from the site (sometimes sites don't let you do this) and then paste it into the window of the message section. Otherwise a link is fine but most people would rather just see the image right away.

    Hmm..i've never heard of this brand before and if you ask me for my honest opinion, no i don't think it's too childish or girlie. They're actually really cute and i like the aqua blue colored on that you posted ;)
  5. Welcome to the jewelry forum

    Zenith watch are Swiss-made and have been around since 1865
    They are the Makers of the El Primero, the first automatic chronograph movement produced in the world.
    I personally prefer their men's watches to women's
    I think the women's are too pricey for that trendy look but they are CUTE
  6. [​IMG]

    I see what you mean,but as Vancleefan says,they are a pioneering watch brand with an incredible history.I can really see no more or less 'playfulness' with these watches than maybe some of the Chopard watches? Happy Sport,and the ones with stones in little settings shaped like fishes that move about under the main crystal.
  7. [​IMG]

    As a quick for instance,this is the Happy Heart.Very playful and feminine,but certaintly veiwed as a serious brand. Buy what you love,its you that will be wearing it and looking at it most,so its more important how you feel about it.
  8. [​IMG]

    And this is the Happy Beach.In all honesty,I prefer the Zeniths,but I do think the Chopards are adorable.But thats just me,pick what you will love! Good luck choosing!!
  9. [​IMG]

    Sorry if the pic is absolutely massive!!!!!! But I found this one,if the silver toned strap is not to your taste,then it would look lovely on a black or a gray one? Just a different style to the ones with the cut out on the dial that I thought you might like?

  10. :faint:
    My dream watch along with the white Chanel J12.

    Anyway, I completely agree, the Zenith watches are really cute...sure it's not a "serious" watch, but I bet you'd get a lot of compliments on yours! And as long as you like it, that's all that matters.
  11. I think they're very cute and playful, but for that kind of money, I'd probably want to go with something more classic.

    Of course if you can afford to spend big on such a fun watch, that's fine too.

    I'd rather pay $100 and get a similar looking one from Overstock.
  12. couldn't have said it better