Are your pets picky eaters?

  1. My Tiger sure is! I got her 2 different types of canned food: one by Pro Plan which is salmon and ocean whitefish flavored (which she loves) and the other one is chicken and liver flavored by Iams. She hates the Iams! Absolutely refuses to eat it. All day today she refused to eat because the Iams was in her bowl, and instead opted to nibble on her dry food. Finally, I switched the canned food out for the Pro Plan and she dug right in!

    Are your pets as picky as my Tiger?
  2. My dog Riley eats anything including lettuce, bananas, popcorn, oranges, apples.....anything that I am eating she wants to eat too! Awful huh?
  3. My dog eats almost everything (rice, melon, carrot, fish, chicken etc) except lettuce~:p
  4. OMG. Our dog is not picky but our cats? It is enough to drive you crazy. My DH refuses to believe that they would rather starve than eat something they don't like but I am not so sure.
  5. My dad's cat is extremely picky. It's very limited what she actually likes, and even though you give her something that you know she likes, it doesn't mean she'll eat it that day. It's stressing, but there's not really much to do about it.
  6. I wish!! My girls eat everything I give them - which is good except they eat junk too, which they sometimes scour from the garden.
    My boy is a BIG picky eater. He is so picky he wouldn't touch ground meat patties if he smells a trace of any vegetable in it. He wouldn't swallow beef-flavored joint supplements, and when I wrap it in bacon, he eats the bacon and spits out the tab. It drives me nuts.
  7. My Porsche doesn't eat fruit she hates the texture...she will lick the orange just to get the juice. Oh and no carrots she hates them.
    We used to give grapes to our other dog max (until the vet said not to) he won't eat them unless you peel the skin off!!
  8. Iams tests on animals...she probably sensed that. ;)
  9. Yes, I believe cats would rather starve than eat food they don't like!:push:
  10. I didn't know that!:sad: Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Since Im so paranoid of giving my doggies people food they dont know the difference, so when they are hungry they eat their food no problem......especially my boxer pup. She gobbels it right up!!
  12. my dogs are picky eaters (not the big guy, though, he'll eat anything -apart from fish, which he detests) My baby-girl loves carrots and corn and even salad (she sees mommy eating it :smile: ) but even if I give her something yummy and meaty, I can't be sure that she'll eat it. My other girl (RIP) was an even pickier eater, though. She was extremely picky for a dog, the only thing I could be sure she'd eat was beef. If I gave her a hot dog or ham or whatever, she probably wouldn't eat it right away :p
    My baby-girl mostly gets just dog food, though, and I guess it has learned her not to be as picky as her big sister. It's better for her too :p
  13. Our girls eat Innova and EaglePack formulas for their specific needs.

    But when we give them little himan treat tidbits, the Weim is a garbage disposal!!

    On the other hand the Rottn one is incredibly picky!! She has to carry whatever she got to a quiet spot, spit it out, smell it, roll it around on her tongue a while, try a bite, and if the texture is off forget it!! She hates grapes and eggs and fish especially much. It's kinda funny watching her taste-test treats ;)
  14. Our she-dog is eating everything (tomatoes!), but our male-dog is very pig-headed with his food... (thats why our girl has more than a kilo more weight than her "bodyguard"... looks very funny). But after years we've found a food he loves now more than to years. It's "Hill's Canine Adult with Lamb & Rice"...
  15. my afghan, jezebel, is SO picky! it's ridiculous...she's underweight, so we try everything to get her to eat. we kept switching her dry food, but that stopped working. we started mixing things in, but she gets sick of something after she's had it more than 2-3 times...and there are only so many kinds of food you can mix in! she's impossible. we've basically resorted to just giving her lots of was really our only option! she's still not gaining weight, but at least she's not losing.

    i always say my dog is a cat....after reading this thread, i'm even more convinced!