Are your old seasonals feeling dated?

ive recently realized that I am just not using my old seasonal bags as they feel a little outdated.

I have these:
-mono mini lin in a bag that looks like a dr bag but with a zipper
-mono denim in pink
-mini lin croisette speedy in pink
-cherry blossom papillon
-roses speedy
-mono dentelle

I've tried to use the roses speedy last week and I find it gorgeous but I keep feeling like this is not "me" anymore, that it's too bold.

the others feel like they are dated and I'm struggling to find an occasion to wear them. I loved the bags when I purchased them and they really did get used a lot. I can still use the dentelle though.

I don't want to part with them for sentimental value.

maybe I need some inspiration to be able to use these bags.

how are you wearing your older seasonal bags?


Dec 20, 2009
New England
I agree 100% that tastes change. You used them and loved them at one time but maybe now they do not work as well for you and that is ok! I have found that when I try to "force" myself to wear something I end up just being uncomfortable and self conscious the entire time which is never any fun. Fashion has a tendency to circle back so if you feel attached and are in a position to hang on to them then do so. You also can always sell and get something that you feel more comfortable with but if you ever want them back repurchase may cost you.


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Jul 3, 2015
I am this way with a seasonal Neverfull I still own. But I'm weary of selling, which tells me it's not time yet. I don't want to regret it.

I tend to do a 6 month evaluation on items. When I realize I don't use or love something anymore, I wait 6 months and see if I'm inspired to use it again in that period. If I don't, that's a sign I probably won't again. Then I sell and buy something else.

But anything with sentimental value, I keep a little longer until that feeling either goes away or I find someone to pass it on to. For instance, I could never sell my croissant bag. It was my first LV love. I gave it to my sister-in-law so it'd be used rather than sit in my closet. But be aware someone else might not care for it as you did - I learned that lesson - and wished I had just kept it.

That's a long way of saying listen to your gut. If there's a sentimental value, don't make any decisions until you're absolutely certain you won't want it back.


Aug 3, 2014
There are bags I don't touch for two years and then fall in love with all over again. Selling unused bags can be a solution, but it's not always the right one. It really depends on each person's collection and needs.

The only bags I would have no worries selling are those that are well-used because I don't want to carry beat up bags.


May 16, 2015
I'm like you, I can't part with my older lv bags. Apart from the sentimental value, I feel like if I sold them, a situation would arise where I would think... I could have used that bag for this.

I don't have any of the special print lv's but I still have my bucket and papillon 30 from ages ago. I use them mostly for quick runs (e.g. grocery, car wash, etc), when the weather is not great, or if I go somewhere in general where I don't want to take risk with my other bags. I'm happy that I actually made an effort to revive their involvement in my life. I don't want to also have to buy a "back-up" bag (even if it is $20) just for instances where I don't want to use my other bags. Why not use my older lvs :smile: It may not be as frequent as I used to take them but if I use them even a few times in certain parts of the year, I'm happy. With my papillon, I decided to get a charm to breath new life into it -- it actually made me want to use it more :biggrin:

Your interest in bags and other things will definitely change it time which is ok. Do what works for you :smile:


May 16, 2015
There are bags I don't touch for two years and then fall in love with all over again. Selling unused bags can be a solution, but it's not always the right one. It really depends on each person's collection and needs.

The only bags I would have no worries selling are those that are well-used because I don't want to carry beat up bags.
So glad you mentioned this. I feel odd sometimes that I can't get myself to sell my other bags. So many tpfers just do it. I have a tough time. I have the same experience with bags I keep even if I don't use them frequently or at all in years. Then, one day I decide to use one that's been sitting and it reminds me of why I got it in the first place... loving it all over again :smile:
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thank you for your input everyone!

I have sold and given away some other lv bags and bags from other brands that I know for sure I didn't love and have no regrets whatsoever.

but I guess it feels like those specific bags, as they were my earliest interest in lv, are special and I may feel that one day I want to use them again.

this really makes me think twice now before deciding to purchase something seasonal, lol!


Feb 20, 2010
I have sold beautiful LV bags that I loved so much that I swore I would never part with them. It is true though that as you accumulate more bags you may not get as much use out of them any more. I would rather they went to a new home where they will be loved again.


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Jul 5, 2007
Sometimes when I have trouble deciding to part with something I put it in a bag and hide it out of sight. If I go months without using it, looking for it, thinking about it etc... I just get rid of it. Unless it was given to me by my dearly departed Grandma, nothing is that sentimental. I would rather get something new and make new memories.
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Jul 29, 2008
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I have a few older seasonal/LE bags and I use them just fine. I kind of like the fact the are more rare and I never see anyone using them. I just see them as a fun way to mix things up.

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Jun 14, 2014
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Tastes and preferences can wax and wane with time/lifestyle changes or they can just change's completely normal and healthy as a part of our personal development and growth. I have an older bag that stands out more (rare and large) but still love and use it, although to be completely honest I'm in a phase where I don't want anything to do with any of my 'good' bags or wallets, regardless of brand, and instead have been favouring a no-name fabric hobo bag from a trip to Mexico for the last couple of weeks.


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Oct 18, 2013
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Agreed, taste do change but i'm one of those people that have no sentimental attachment to my material things. My solution is to sell but if you are having a hard time selling, maybe put it away for awhile and see if you would miss it. Maybe down the line, you'll be inspire to wear it again.


Jul 14, 2012
I have the roses speedy and still love it! I also have the fleur de jais, perf speedy, golden arrow and fetish lock it (not really seasonal)... I don't find them dated but I can see how some might or your tastes change ...I bought the v speedy and NF and they sort of feel dated to me already.....I can't decide if I should keep them or not...I don't want to sell the others because they are so hard to find and I'm not really liking any new bags being released currently...