Are your LV purchases planned or unexpected?

  1. I was wondering about this, because unfortunately my job doesn´t gives me chance to buy an Lv per month so I save when I really want someting, when my first Lv came (my pochette g) I saved like half a year! now sometimes, if I have the money and I see sth, I buy it, like when i bought my Wapity, it was totally unexpected,

    well i was pretty sure I was about to buy it, but not the same day! I asked for the price but for the Multicolor, and it was about 400 dollars, so I walked away bcz I was like 20 dollars missing, but i remembered the canvas was less expensive (I simply cant say more cheap...) so it was 330 dollars so I didn´t hesitate and bought it.

    For the sneakers I bought yesterday I saved since fbruary and they are qworth every penny! Promise I´ll show u pics in a while!
  2. Mostly planned but then sometimes something grabs my attention and it's unplanned. Example..last year, my dad went with me to LV at South Coast to get me my Cerises Rond coin purse..and I ended up seeing the Panda pochette in the case so I ended up taking that one home too ;)
  3. Both!! I am always on the website and looking at upcoming seasons, so I will always be coveting something not yet released, so I wait for those big purchases and budget. But then I will be out shopping and something unexpected will be there, like my recent MC wappity (LV it:heart: ), so I can't say no to the instant gratification. I am a true addict and will go with out food if it means I can pay for the next fix.:love:
  4. I would say planned as I am looking on, PF, and Elux constanly drooling over bags!
  5. I am sort of between the two...I suddenly get it into my head that I "need" one particular item, then spend a few crazed days hunting it down, and then relax for a bit before it starts all over again:P
  6. Unexpected most of the time (it goes for everyting I buy, not just LV)!:nuts:
  7. mainly planned, lots of careful elux stalking
  8. Mine are generally planned. Many years ago when I started collecting I did not have that much money. So a lot of time and thought went into my next purchase. Now that I can afford to indulge I still give a lot of thought to what I am going to buy because impulse purchases in the past have caused me to waste money. I bought bags that did not work for me or ones that were very similar to what I already have.

    For example, I have an indigo houston. I bought it when it first came out. I have a lot of epi in different colors but no blue epi and now have found myself wanting something in blue epi. But it seems like every purse I like is a blue hand held bag. I don't want another blue handbag. I want a blue shoulder bag. So I will keep looking until I come across a lovely myrtille Noe or Mandera that is within my price range.
  9. most always planned. if something cute or cool comes along later then i'll plan a reason to buy and uses i'll use it for. like the wapity.. i haven't gotten one yet (and it's been a while i know!) but i really had to justify spending the money on it and stuff.

    the abbesses i got was a gift from a ridiculously rich cousin in tucson, az.. and she felt i needed a messenger so there we go. =P I don't need it obviously.. lol. i use it on occasion, but there wasn't a need for it.

    i hardly buy things "on a whim" .. especially LV items. tshirts & shoes maybe.. but not [expensive] leather goods.
  10. Most of the things that I buy are unexpected. I may go into the LV boutique thinking that I want to pick up a certain bag, but end up with something totally different. I always find something else that I want when I go into LV. :shame:
  11. Both....Some I Know I Want & Purchase.....Some Just Surprise Me. I Usually Know What I Want...It's Just Going In Trying On!
  12. I usually plan to buy all my purchases. I might see something and decide I want it, then start planning when I can get it. Sometimes it's a good thing that I have to wait a little while before getting it because sometimes as my husband says, I tend to "gun jump". ( He calls me a gun-jumper!!)
  13. Hm I want to say that it's planned but I change my mind so much that it's probably more unplanned than planned.

    Like I was set on getting the Lucille but I went back and forth for awhile until finally I bought it on a whim. My trapeze was a true unexpected purchase though. I saw it on eluxury and stalked the site for 3 hrs until the pink one finally showed up, haha.
  14. My purchases are always planned out for big ticket items... I just don't always stick to the plan! I looked online at the Damier Papillon 30 for weeks -- and when I finally bought it, I returned it three hours later for the Pop Haut which caught my eye as I was paying for the Pap.
  15. Always planned. Have found that often I will be attracted to something, but if I wait, the attraction diminishes and something else becomes more attractive. If the thing I think I want remains strongly attractive for a long time, then I will usually buy it.

    But, conversely, every so often something is so strongly appealing that you just know, know, know that you must have it . . . (but I usually apply the wait test anyway)