are your lips addicated to CHAPSTICK, BLISTEX, LIPGLOSS, LIPSTICK????????


are you lips addicated to CHAPSTICK, BLISTEX, LIPGLOSS, LIPSTICK????????

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  1. hey beauty PF-ers
    last week i ran out of chapstick and yes my lips were like totally dying for it!!! it actually took me a few days to getting around to the buying a new chapstick and once i got it - i torn open the packet and quick stuck it on... i KNOW that my lips aren't producing the natural wetness anymore because of the Chapstick!!! :Push:
    Anyway, are any of your addicated to chapstick, blistex, lipgloss, lipstick etc...??? do u like apply it like - nearly every hour???

    fill me in... i feel like a bit of freak :roflmfao: but whats new??? its helenNZ after all! :lol:
  2. I'm absolutely addicted to Carmex lip balm. I've been using it since I was in high school. I HATE the feeling of dry lips. It seems everytime I walk into the bathroom during the day, I have to put some on & I can't go to sleep without it either. I always have an extra tube on hand just in case I run out!:shame:
  3. Definitely addicted to chapstick. :o) If I don't put any on my lips dry out, and feel awful. I keep one in the car, one in my purse, and a few in the house. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.
  4. i never thought of it as an addiction, but maybe it is because my lips were fine before I started putting thing son my lips in junior high
  5. Apparently, this is the danger of most moisturising products, but I'm not sure that it would be for lip products; as lips don't have any sebaceous(sp?) glands.

    I've heard that fuller lips generally get dryer, as thinner ones are more easily moisturised by the sebaceous glands in the surrounding skin.

    I know this is slightly off topic, but my late dad's best friend is a doctor and he always says;

    'Don't wear facial and/or body moisturiser too regularly; only wear it if you really need it and/or for its suncreening properties. As if you do, your skin will become dependant on it and stop producing its natural oils and if you stop moisturising, for any reason, your skin will suddenly age!!!' :shocked:

    For that reason, I never wear moisturiser in bed at night, or if I'm not going anywhere.

    I've also heard, from beauty experts, that it is best to leave your skin bare :graucho: at night, to allow it to breathe.

    I do usually wear lipgloss at night, though, as I have quite full lips and I find that, for some reason, my lips dry out much more at night.

    If I don't, I sometimes wake up with them so dry, they're puckered!!! :blink: :lol:
  6. I have often thought that my lips are too dependent on lip gloss or vaseline which I put on before I go to bed. I am curious how long it would take for our lips to adjust to not having any gloss or mosturizer, anyone know? Any try it?
  7. Ever since I found bath and body works mint menthol lipshine, YES!! I'm addicted to this stuff, it smells wonderful, and its in a pale pink color, so, it looks great and I think I need to go put some on now as after being aware of my lips more from reading this, they're dry! LOL
  8. I wonder what on earth I would have one if it wasnt for carmex, blistex, lipbalm, juicy tubes etc
  9. I have my chapstick desk at work, my purse, my work space at home, drawers, next to my bed, in the car. *sigh* If I somehow find myself without one I can't focus until I get the stuff on my lips. I think that's definitely an addiction! LOL
  10. I am hopelessly addicted to Kiehl's lip balm #1. I have a big tub of it on my night stand, and a tube of it in pretty much every bag I own! I go crazy without it.
  12. :heart: My lips are addicted to i.d. buzz latte for @ my desk, one by my bed...atleast one always in my bag. It's fabulous .!. .!. :heart:
  13. For me ! carmex and blistex they're a must for my bag.:yes:
  14. Aquaphor... IT's the bomb. It's better than ANYTHING I've ever tried. You can also use it for super dry skin so I guess it's multi-purpose.... although I just use it for my lips.
  15. chapstick!!!
    that's totally addictive,heleNZ, i'm in your same situation:shame::biggrin: