Are your friends jealous of your LV's?

  1. I can't say if mine are or not (none of my freinds own LV as far as I know or have seen)...but I have been in 2 separate situations (with diff friends) where it was obvious that they were eyeballing my LV's (Tivoli PM and Azur Speedy were what I was carrying those times). Neither of them asked about the style or if they were real or not, but they kind of gave me 'this look.' I don't wear LV to show off or scream a label, but I wonder if some of my friends/acquaintances think so???
  2. not jealous, more excited and happy =]
  3. I have some that are and some that are not. Most of them totally understand.
  4. Not jealous......maybe a little envious. Their husbands would kill them if they spent that much on a bag! They love all my bags though.
  5. No, because no one else shares an addiction like I do =) Most of them know I'm in love with bags but will never buy such expensive bags for myself. I know a couple of guys that could possibly be close to jealous...just because they say I'm "loaded"! :rolleyes: (Which I am not, since I work to buy my bags and I'm just a poor Univ. student) Whatever...!
  6. No, they don't care.
  7. My friends think it's ridiculous to spend more than 20 Euros on a bag :rolleyes:. So I can't say they're jealous hahaha.
  8. I don't think so. Most of my friends are guys, so I highly doubt they even care what kind of bags I carry.

    As for my 2 closest female friends, they are very different from one another. One is not very fashion savvy at all. I think she knows what LV is, but couldn't care less. My other friend, and best friend is very fashion savvy, but is more into spending her money on clothes and shoes over bags. She came with me to the LV boutique when I bought my azur speedy 25 and she did give off the vibe that she wanted an LV, and was maybe a bit envious. She's mentioned a few time's that if she were to get something it would be in vernis because she's not really a fan of mono or damier.
    Jealous? no way, if anything I'm jealous of her shoes collection and wardrobe :nuts:
  9. i can say that most of my close friends aren't - they are happy and understand cos they also are into LV; but i do get the same looks from some acquaintances or maybe even officemates or girlfriends of friends. i'm not competitive, but sometimes a month or so after, they have the same bag already LOL
  10. None of my friends are jealous.I think theres only one of them that actually knows LV and I'm convinced she thinks mine are fakes as I could never afford a new one.No one really says anything though about what I carry, although if I told them the cost they would be :wtf: even though all my LV's are "gently used" and I got them for good prices :lol:.
    They wouldn't dream of spending over £20-£30 on a bag :rolleyes:
    We all respect each others choices though :yes:
  11. i think most of my friends aren't jealous of LV, because almost everyone I know (aside from my TPF friends, of course :biggrin:) thinks it's ridiculous to spend more than $50 for a bag. some people comment that they're envious that i can afford to spend over $1k on a bag, but these same people own $40k cars (i don't have one, i share a $15k car w/ DH) or own $20k of electronics (flat screen TV, speaker system, PS3, etc).

    I guess the majority of women buy non-designer bags that are like $30, so they assume that one must be REALLY rich to spend $1k on a bag. But that's not true's just what you decide to spend your $$ on. I don't drink Starbucks or get manicures, and i only buy non-designer clothes, on sale. But when it comes to bags, I go all out. :biggrin:
  12. Nope, I'm jealous of theirs ... birkins and such! Darn b*tches ... LOL!
  13. I think my aunt might be jealous of my LV. It probably because she wants hers to be exclusive. Yet I have a few.I didn't show it to her but she saw a picture of all my LV in the digital camera. Then she started questioning me. I lied to her & said they were all from eBay. I got them for 1/2 off and brand new (how can you get brand new LV item on eBay 1/2 off). After that, she kept on teasing me about my eBay LV. I was pissed but she's my aunt so I just smiled & ignored.

    Is it wrong for a student to afford LV? My uncle made a comment saying "how come a college student buy LV?"....
  14. I've had some awkward moments...

    The worst was when a friend of mine showed up at a party with the same bag as me, multi speedy. Hers however was fake and a rude acquaintance decided to point this out to her in front of another 20 people. I've caught her eyeing mine a few times after that.

    Another was when my mother in law was going to put one of my purses down on her freshly mopped floor and I jumped up to grab it. She asked what the big deal was and my brother in law told her how much the thing costs. From then on she always remarks that I have "very expensive tastes."
  15. None of my friends are jealous [i don't think] but some people do make comments, asking how much so and so is. [which i hate] because it makes me feel uncomfortable. They ask because they know it's expensive and would just like to know. So i usually tell them... that it's online and the prices are on there. lolz.