Are your Bbags only "for good"

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  1. Hey ladies, do you save your balenciaga "for good". Or do you enjoy it all the time? I just carried my 06 Metallica Satchel to the grocery store in the snow and ice because I figure I love it so much, why keep it in the dustbag. Do you guys save yours or use them always?
  2. Gosh I plan on using mine! I love her!
  3. If I saved it for best I'd never use it! Lol, seriously though, I use mine all the time - work, shopping, quick errands. Anything.
  4. I was just thinking whats the point in having the "love of your life bag" and never taking it out because you're afraid.
  5. I use mine all the time, except for those rare occasions when I'm carrying a different bag!
  6. I use mine all the time
  7. I have to admit that I have been saving my bbags that I recently bought but here's why:

    The weather here is BAD! It's freazing and I have to wear huge puffy jackets.. I just don't feel like my bbags will "look right" with a down jacket, you know? I'd rather hold out for spring and wear my bbags with really cute outfits.

    Plus, the bags that I have are works and since the handles aren't stretched out yet they won't fit over my jacket. So- there is my story of why I am saving my bbags! I hope that made sense.
  8. I have kids so realistically, I have no good/special occasion like used to.

    So my answer is I use them all the time. But when it's poring outside or I go out to watch games, I do not carry them just because I hate to put them on the floor.
  9. No way! I carry them everywhere....sun rain snow...I'm like the postman. But I don't put them on the floor, I draw the line there lol
  10. i use mine all the time, it's great as an everyday bag .. why spend the money to use it just a few times on occasion.
  11. all the time baby! unless it is just pissin down rain, other than that I want these baby's broken in good.
  12. I use mine everyday, unless its raining or snowing out. Then I use a inexpensive bag that can get beaten up more.
  13. I have an exception to one bbag which I can't bring myself to use. I know I shouldn't but she's just so pretty. (Yes, I do have a problem, even I know, lol!!!).
    Other than that, I do try to use my bbags as much as I can. I heavily rotate.
  14. LOL, i thought "for good" meant like doing good unto others or something.. ha, thanks for the laugh.

    anyway, i use mine 24/7... they are very durable and i have one to fit pretty much every use. HOWEVER, i don't have any light colored bags - cuz i want to use my bags, not be afraid of them :jammin:
  15. I use mine all the time unless it's raining or snowing or if I know I'm going someplace dirty haha