Are your bags insured?

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  1. I'm curious if anyone insures their Louis Vuitton? Is this something I should do?
  2. Yes, talk to your insurance agency and there is a thing ( i forgot what it is, i'm trying hard to recall the name but if you talk to them they should know) it's separate from what you already have in your house and the house itself. They will ask for pictures and receipts and round it off as to how much you can declare them for. I hope this helps. I'm totally useless l, our agent took care of it all.

  3. I forgot to quote [emoji85][emoji115]🏼
  4. Yes they are. And yes you should.
  5. I didn't know we could do that ... Great idea !
  6. It's called a rider. Pretty much the same thing as a jewelry rider. And it all depends on your personal property coverage as to whether you need extra coverage or not. Talk to you insurance agent. As far as if (God forbid) your house gets broken into or you had a fire...items stolen or burned would be covered under personal property, which you could assess and increase your personal property coverage. Now if you're out and (God forbid) someone snatches your have to then decide if you want to put a claim against your insurance for a bag, pay a deductible and then risk an increase or non renewal. Because to a lot of insurance carriers prefer you wait until something happens that they'd consider more of an urgency before submitting a claim. I did personal insurance for seven years.
  7. Yes, my bag collection is insured.
  8. Yes as part of my contents insurance in case of theft or damage. And they are also covered when they leave the house.:smile:
  9. Yes, I have personal property insurance to cover the cost of my bags in the event of theft, fire, etc. And I have a written list and a picture of each one, since most of them are limited editions/special orders. I probably wouldn't be able to replace them.
  10. Definitely, most of mine are covered under house insurance but some had to be declared as a separate item due to cost.
  11. I had NO idea that this was a thing.. I better ask my husband about it!
  12. WTH won't my insurance company?! They told me they don't insure.... Anyone have Allstate??? I have jewelry insured but they said I couldn't do purses.
  13. How much should you bag collection be worth before you insure them?
  14. Very sound advice.
  15. My home insurance covers them. In addition to jewellery and to a small extent, my clothing.
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