Are Young Girls Dressing Too Revealingly?

  1. Some See Trend, and Take Steps to Stop It

    Oct. 27, 2007

    Among pint-sized cheerleaders, itty-bitty beauty queens, and in the malls of America, the sassy-sexy look isn't just for teens anymore.
    Some say younger girls are going shorter and barer -- taking their cues from characters like the Cheetah Girls, the Pussycat Dolls and the Bratz dolls -- and some observers are saying they've had enough.

    Celia Rivenbark, a mom who hit her breaking point with the shrinking fashions, wrote a book called, "Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank."

    "The moms are buying it, the dads are buying and maybe on some level the parents think, 'Oh that's cute, that's harmless, that's innocent' -- but I don't think it is," Rivenbank said. "The children are wearing them down."

    And psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere warns that how a child dresses as young as age three can have serious consequences.

    "You can be doing real damage to your child," Gardere said. "They are forming their taste at a very young age. They can hurt their futures. They can hurt their reputations, their chances for success."

    Ten-year-old Ashley Parks said she admires the Pussycat Doll look.

    "I like how it's sexy," she said.

    Six year-old Venus Melvin aims a bit older, looking to model and fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons.

    "She is really creative," Melvin said, "and she knows how to handle fashion."
    Three North Carolina moms and one dad who spoke to "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" said the pressure to please their little princesses -- but still have them look their age -- is no easy task.

    "When I am talking to my daughter, she'll sit there and say, 'You don't know fashion' and how can I compete with that?" the dad asked.

    One mom said, "I am just amazed at how much shorter the dresses are getting. They have stuff for the kids I wouldn't wear."

    The parents said department stores need to tone it down in the children's section and lay off companies like "Pimpfants" that sell "baby beaters" and "junior pimp squad" t-shirts.
  2. Revealingly (cont'd)

    There even are choices -- plenty of them -- if your little one wants a thong or a padded bra.

    Rivenbark said parents the power to say no, and avoiding the mommy drama is all about compromise. She stresses moderation, especially when it comes to "bling," and suggests bribing with bright colors. And layering can make almost anything more conservative.

    She suggested asking kids, "Is this out of the question, or is there some way to split to difference with this? I know it seems this is a little challenging, but you could wear a little cover-up a little shawl?"

    "There's no reason that your child should be deprived of the fashion," Rivenbark added.

  3. Yeah, my DH has already said that we're not dressing our daughter like Britney Spears. He also asked where to call to put in an order for a chastity belt. I'm pretty sure he'll have her wearing turtlenecks and long pants in July. I must admit, I am a little shocked about what I see being worn to the mall.
  4. I always say thank GOODNESS I have a boy!!!
  5. ^^ I know. I get that as someone who used to work in retail, sales associates are supposed to keep poker faces on, but sometimes girls would walk through the store wearing things that made my jaw just drop. (Yoga pants worn so low the girl practically needed a Brazilian wax comes to mind.)
  6. ^^You know, boys' fashions haven't changed much - I mean apart from the crotch-falling-down-to-their-knees pants, I don't think my peers from twenty something years ago and my son dress any differently. Pants, T shirt, hoodie or jacket...They still wear the same kind of underwear!!

    But OMG the GIRLS!!
  7. ^^^ I know!!! I think it's totally out of control. I have 2 boys and the 4 year-old is pretty stubborn about colors or styles he wants to wear. I pretty much let him choose but I do have certain rules they need to follow (always wear socks with shoes; there are places where Crocs are NOT appropriate...). I'm having a girl soon and these fashions scare me! I see toddlers walking around in bellybutton-baring outfits with short skirts that hang low. I mean, if this is how they dress when they're 2 (and people tell them they look cute!), how do you think they'll dress when they're 13? I thinnk it's part of our job as parents to allow our kids' individuality to shine through but at the same time make sure they are keeping within the bounds of decency.
  8. Yep, girl's fashion scares me. I am so grateful I have two boys!
  9. Dh and I plan on being strict with dd's clothing. There is no reason for little girls to be dressing like adults.
  10. What the girls wear doesn't bother me.

    What DOES irk the HELL out of me is these little adolescent and teenaged boys, walking around with their pants hanging below their little immature asses. Nobody wants to see their 16-year old junk. That look is NOT cute. I blame the parents!
  11. Our daughter is nine and we are pretty strict with what she wears.

    She cannot wear...
    ... anything with words on the "tush"

    ...spaghetti strap shirts unless she wears a t-shirt underneath

    ...t-shirts with rude or disrespectful sayings on them

    ...low-rise jeans

    ...short shorts. I'm really dislike the "Daisy Duke" shortness of some girls shorts so much that most of her shorts are hand-me downs from her brother or bought in the boy's department (their styles are longer). I'm so happy that longer Bermuda shorts are now in style.

    I'm sure there are more that I'm strict about but you get the idea. Having said all that, I think (and have been told by others) that my daughter always looks so cute and very age-appropriate.:yes:
  12. I see this all too much in the malls. Girls around 9 wearing short shorts with make-up a tight shirt. With their group of friends dressing the same way. I see them running around the mall looking for BOYS!! OMG at that age I was wearing whatever my mom wanted me to wear and quite frankly, it didn't even matter to me. What's next? Outfits that Britney wears on her concerts?!
  13. I find a lot of what young girls are wearing these days is disturbing. Some of the things marketed to pre-teens are more revealing than what I would wear, and I'm 19! When I was their age, I was dressing like a little GIRL not a little ADULT!
  14. Yes without a doubt some young girls are dressing way too revealing .
    Its a disturbing trend.
    I teach at college, and it only gets worse as they mature
  15. This is such a big deal to me. My dd is 4 and she dresses like a sweet 4 year old. I am amazed by the types of clothes they sell in her size! Belly shirts, bikinis, mini skirts, etc.

    I buy most of her clothes at Gymboree because they are appropriate and do not have labels/designer names on them (another one of my kiddie pet peeves.)

    We also took her out of her dance school and put her into a school that is exclusively for ballet after witnessing the spectacle of her recital. Her ballet dance was sweet and appropriate, but the jazz/tap routines (ages 5 and up) were humping and bumping and grinding.

    Childhood is so fleeting and it seems like the world is doing everything it can to make it even shorter.