Are you worried of, a style recession ?


Feeling of, a style recession ?

  1. It's causing emotional stress and, pilling

  2. My wardrobe is, made a teflon

  3. I am, unclothed

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  1. Recent I have been up at, night counting the diamonds on my, argyle socks in somnia and worry over, a slump in my tweed . Have you too been, in funk or fear, of a style, recession ? Lucky for me, Mr. Bodner still has some bespoke overcoats, to lend if only to, use as insulation for the , wardrobe box which, I might move.
  2. I, too, am losing sleep over fear of a style recession, my dear Vaclav. I've been focusing all of my attention on bags and makeup, only to find that I am left with Old Navy to accompany, and consequently mask, my fabulosity. Having drained my bank account and creative juices on said fabulosity, I'm not sure what to do :hrmm:

    PS- Is this why you have a broken heart, Vaclav? You're in a style slump? I think you should move the wardrobe box btw-- change is good! :yes:
  3. I as well, am worried of a style recession. I find, that I cannot sleep, as I, stay awake, watching the fibers, of my clothing, begin to wither and, fade, as happens with washing and, of the gentler, dry cleaning. My dearest Vaclav, do not, trouble your pretty little head, over such slump in your tweed. Oh, Vaclav, how I do hope, and wish, that your recession ends soon, as you have found a beauty, and discovery in such that, we, can joyfully call, the tweed. Please do, allow the diamonds, of your argyle, to comfort you whilst, you await and hope for, Ambien.

  4. I'm confused?!
  5. ^^ Me too.....
  6. ^ Ladies, read the saddlebag thread and I think you'll get it.
  7. In lack of, Argyllic diamonds, I count instead, the drawstrings upon, my surplus black hoodies, and, wear them of each day. For like, ClaireZk, Old Navy itself, can only adorn me, with convenient cheapness. A purse recession, obsession banned, will be the, rescuer of my, somnolent eptitude.
  8. Very poetic indeed! A las!
  9. vaclav, I think, one must, if there is, a recession in, tweed consider maybe, the tartan. If not, then there always, will be, something or, someone who , is the next, thing on the, horizon.

    If you, still think that, life is dull and, boring to you, maybe you, could consider employment, with eric glennie as, a model for, his saddlebag shorts?