are you working in the field you went to college for?

  1. are you working in the field you have your degree in, or are you in a totally different field all together?

    supposedly, statistics say that most graduates don't end up doing what they went to school for so i was just wondering how many of you were doing what you went to school for.

    i'm not, are you?
  2. I was a marketing major. I worked in banking for many years aftewards. Now, I AM in the marketing department -- but I am the webmaster for a college.

    So I guess for me it's "no" -- I am not in the field I studied.
  3. unless i get really lucky with my upcoming internship i dont think i will be doing the job i wanted when i started the uni course.
    the art world is far too competitive and you need to know someone even to get work experience.
  4. No I went to college and did sport science, I was a Fitness Instructor for a while I even became the Centre Manager but I no longer do it and the training I did at college teaches you nothing what you really need I leant far more whilest working, during working in that field I did further training in Nutrition looking to move into that area but it never happened although I am still in a health related business now
  5. after "real" college for a year -- i went to beauty school and got my cosmetology license .. and YES i am using my license!

    i'm a hair stylist/make-up artist! :smile:
  6. Sorta? My BA is basically Economic Development in Former Soviet Republics. I'm going to law school and I'm clerking in a law office, so I suppose that counts. I'm trying to find a job where I can use my BA, though...
  7. No way. I graduated with a BS in Human Resources, and now I'm a..."domestic engineer"...aka a stay-at-home mom. Well, I do have a 10-hour a week job in...accounting, what else?! lol
  8. I went to school for early childhood education/development. I wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher.

    But, I'm now a housewife :smile: And that is what I love to do!! And now I'm going to be a mom, soooo I guess that education will come in quite handy :smile:
  9. undergrad is in mechanical engineering. I'm know a marketing and sales rep for a major manufacturer. Though I am working on my MBA now...
  10. sort of...

    i have two undergrad degrees: one in journalism and one in art history.

    i'm steadily writing for fashion and art mags as of late, but i'm pretty sure i'll never get into either industry in a hardcore way. i have no desire to.
  11. I think I will be. I'm an art student and I've had success at the internships I've had and are perfect to put on my resume for experience. I am not worried about it taking time, but it's what I want to do it's what I've grown up wanting to do... As long as I keep going in that direction I will get there.
  12. I guess I sort of am. I got a bachelor's in prelaw but dropped out of law school. Now I'm a court reporter, but my bachelor's has nothing to do with that really. I had to go to court reporting school which is a totally separate thing. For ten years after I got my degree I worked as an accountant while I was in CR school and that wasn't even related at all.
  13. Nope! I'm an international studies and Russian major...liberal arts girl here, woo hoo! Hey, I barely knew how to use the copy machine in the library, LOL.

    Now I'm a Project Manager...although i initially had jobs in international logistics and shipping after graduation, I abruptly changed to IT and never looked back.
  14. yeah I am going for nurse anesthics
  15. i haven't graduated yet, but i'm a magazine journalism major and i know i'll probably never use it. it's been fun getting the degree, though.