Are you wearing your dark silver reissue during the day?

  1. ok ladies, I've got just a couple of days to decide on keeping my dark silver 226 or not. There have been a lot of posts about this bag, but my question is are any of you rocking it during the day or saving it for nighttime/more formal events? I haven't seen any nonceleb toting this bag in daylight so I'm wondering if I'll look too cheesy doing it and then not get enough wear to justify its price tag? If I don't keep this bag, I'm going to get the dark silver wallet instead since I do love the way the color looks on distressed leather...what do ya think?

    here's a pic of me with it in inappropriate clothes!

  2. ive been toting it around during the day hahah...and I guess it didnt seem too crazy--got lots of compliments on the bag and Im the type who wears any bag for the most part with anything Im wearing (as long as the color matches ofcourse--like not bright pink bag with bright red clothing, etc)

    Ive worn my dark silver reissue with hoodie and shorts, to nicer lunches and dinners =)
  3. i wear mine during the day. I fetch my son and daughter from school carrying my dark silver :nuts: it is the LV miroir speedy that I couldn't bring out of the house during the day, I don't know its just tooooo bling bling for me. But the dark silver is just a perfect "pop" bag to make my look stand out.
  4. Hey Larkie-The bag in that picture looks really great. Probably how the light and colors are reflecting and it doesn't seem to dressy. It definately doesn't look too blingy, maybe I am biased now after staring at the light silver for days.....I like the dark silver...but if you don't "love" it and totally aren't feeling it. Than I say wait for something you instantly can't wait to take it out for a stroll no matter what time of day it is.
  5. Yes! I use all of my reissues during the day! :yes:
  6. I wear mine during the day too :heart: I feel the dark silver is quite a subtle metallic, not too blingy.
  7. Hey *L*, this replacement bag doesn't sag at bottom much at all and it's spankin' new/great...ugh...and it sounds like the tpf ladies are rocking theirs in broad daylight!...arghhh...i thought i'd gotten off this keep-or-return rollercoaster already.:push:

  8. Haha....ya, thats why I liked the light silver over my dark initially b/c my dark really sagged on the bottom, whereaas my light did not. But I saw one dark on sale on eBay and the bottom was really that got my a little worried.
  9. i use my dark silver during daytime for work a lot. it all depends on how confident you are in your style i guess. if you're worried about it being too blingy, then return it. it'll only continue to sit in the box if you keep debating whether people will look at you in an odd way.
  10. I'm planning to wear it during the day too. I think I will pair it with jeans & heels. For night, probably with dress or something nicer. Don't worry too much about what should & what shouldn't. I had a pair of gold puma (yes, gold with & snake pattern too!) I wear it often & surprisingly I got lots of compliments from SAs when I wore it to BG & designer stores in NYC earlier!
  11. I always use mine during the day! I bring it to work and also wear it with jeans. I think it matches so many things, and I always get tons of compliments on it! You should definitely keep it, it looks great on you!
  12. yes, I wear mine in the day - it looks fab with jeans and I always get compliments
  13. I wear mine during the day and always get complements.
  14. that outfit doesn't look inappropriate at all to me! it's all about the attitude and how you carry the bag. if you feel like it looks right... then it will.
  15. this probably doesn't help, but i happened across these in the celeb thread (personally ldldb, i think you look better in your *inappropriate* clothes!)