Are you wearing knee socks above your boots?

  1. I was at Anthropologie last weekend, and I noticed all three SA's in the store were wearing boots with cute socks poking over the top. I thought the look was totally adorable. So I am shopping for socks this weekend.

    Also, I found this on

    “My personal favorite way to wear [knee] boots, especially the cute flat ones, is with a little bit of knee socks showing out of the top,” dishes How Do I Look? guest stylist Nola Roller. Specifically, Roller instructs: “You shouldn’t have more than a few inches of sock showing. I would say you are safe with up to three inches.”
    But we’re not finished, sister. We’re not talking just any socks. We’re talking contrasting socks. Fun socks. Socks with some sho’nuf get-up. No black knee-highs with black boots. Instead, think of a Frye Adrienne button boot or an Equestrian boot with, say, a candy-apple red sock.
    “You can even wear, like, a buckskin-colored boot with a black outfit by wearing black knee-highs,” Roller explains. “I really like to contrast the boot with the sock.”
    In fact, the more contrast the better. Go for patterns and bright colors, then pair it all with an above-the-knee dress or skirt."
  2. I love this look and I agree that your socks should only peek out of your boots, 3" sounds reasonable.
    Now that the weather is getting cooler in NY, I will be wearing my boots like this.
  3. I did that last year a few times, but I think it depends on the overall outfit, really - I wouldn't do it with a DVF wrap dress, for example, which I tend to wear a lot in the fall
  4. I like it when girls wear classic knee high tube socks with boots; American Apparel sells them in a lot of colors and lengths. Also, Nine West has an imitation of Prada's knee high socks.
  5. Ugh I was such a sucker for a photo spread in Allure's beauty issue - they featured all of these gorgeous leggy girls wearing Frye boots and knee socks. I went so far as to get the boots, but alas I am not leggy like these models (and the color was off, more importantly) so I returned them.

    I love the look but it definitely depends on what you're planning to wear on top - sweater dresses and jumpers, big chunky knits are the look I'd wear!
  6. Always. I've been doing it for about five years now. I used to buy men's knee-high socks to get funky colors and to get socks that were long enough for my legs. Now, I can go to H&M and get socks in many, many colors. I love doing it. I also like wear knee highs with black tights.
  7. LMAO The weather's been kinda crazy in NYC, and really out of laziness, I throw on knee-highs and just-below-the-knee boots with a skirt and walk out the door. Didn't realize it was a "look"! Now I'm gonna have to do this more often!
  8. love this look, I hope to do it this winter as my calves are finally small enough to wear knee high boots :wlae:
  9. i love that look...i truly feel in love with it when Coach advertised the Legacy boots with the legacy socks peeking was too cute.
  10. Can someone please post pix? You wear tall gym socks with skirts? Even with a basic dress, I can't imagine how funky socks would look peeking from a simple boot. Please give me images
  11. Oh I love that look. I first saw it in Anna Sui's spring 2007 show and absolutely loved it!
  12. Links to cute socks?
    I would like to try this look. Need thin socks because my calfs are big.
  13. Any links? I would like to try this look too! Very cute.
  14. it is a cute look! i am considering doing that.....thanks