Are you waiting for new floorset?

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  1. Hello ladies. Are you waiting for the new floorset next week before shopping with your PCE?
  2. Is there going to be a new floorset next week? If so, then yes I prefer to wait. Oh, I hope so!
  3. Yes, but I am hoping that my SAs will let me shop from what they already have in the back :smile:!
  4. I'm going to do some searching tomorrow and see where that gets me. When is the new floorset suppose to come out?
  5. I believe I read that it will be the 24th.
  6. I'm waiting until October for my bag! I'm getting super antsy. I can't wait to see what everyone gets! Reveals are my favorite!
  7. I will be waiting for the new floorset. I've been advised by the SAs at the Yorkdale location here in Toronto that it will be out next Friday, the 24th. The Madison cross-body bag that I've got my eye on will be available on that day.
  8. My SAs would let me buy items in the back too but they don't bring out everything but items I ask for or that they think I would like...then there usually is something that comes out after I made my purchase so I am waiting for the new floorset this time.
  9. I might wait for the new floorset too....more choices!
  10. Does anyone know if the Raisin or Cinnamon Sabrinas will be there or are they gone forever? :-s