Are you using your Chanel bag today?

  1. If so, which one?

    I am using the black vinyl coco cabas (my first and only Chanel for now, wish to build up my collection!)
  2. :yes: My black petit shopping tote.
  3. My original black caviar coco cabas.
  4. Navy Patent Jumbo Classic :smile:
  5. Not today...
  6. Today, teal coco cabas. Can't wait to go to Saks later with it. The SA's usually go nuts there when they see it because they didn't order that color.
  7. Not carrying Chanel today . . . but a black Balenciaga city. However, I am hoping that I get my black baby cabas back today or tomorrow because I am dying to carry it!

  8. haha!! me too - Black Balenciaga City today :yes:
  9. red MC N/S tote :yes:
  10. Today I carry my white baby cabas
  11. No bags today for me.....not even going out of the house today (except to bike 25 miles and run 7 but that doesn't count:p )
  12. Today I am using my Jumbo Black Caviar Flap Bag.
  13. today i was (am home now) carrying my big cruise denim tote from spring '06

    got an "i loovvvvve that" from a Saks SA :p
  14. Chanel Cambon Reporter blk/blk
  15. I am using my Modern Chain Flap.