Are you up to the challenge???

  1. I have been recently adopted and I don't have a name:crybaby:All I can tell you is the year that I was born 1979 which makes me 29 years old:nuts:. Now surely someone somewhere out there in the big orange world knows my name.:sad:

    Vintage#1.jpg Vintage #2.jpg
  2. I have no idea sorry .. but what a nice shape and it's very well preserved. Looks just like new. Congrats to your new bag
  3. OH, congratulations...I just love that....

    Barenia yumminess!!!
    It really reminds me of a vintage binocular bag my dad had....

    oh dear me....I shudder to think that might have been hermes, its way long gone now....anyway, I cant help but wonder if this was meant for a similar purpose, but I cannot tell because I am not sure of the size....

    in either case, it looks like a fantastic bag to carry and I was very tempted by it too!! Congratulations!!
  4. Lovely!! For a moment there I thought you were like Penny and was going to give you bag a name!

    She's beautiful.
  5. I don't know your name, but I do know that you must have had beautiful parents, because you are stunning....

  6. :tender:Thank you for your kind words. I sure would appreciate anyone who may know my name:heart::heart:
  7. WOW!!!!! What a beauty!!!!! Wish I could help but......hmmmmmm.....where's HG when we need her/!?!?!?
  8. not a clue but this bag is entirely tooo beautiful for words...
  9. Ooooh I was eyeing this bag... sorry, don't have a name, but looks like a not-so-distant cousin of the "Ronde" bag.
  10. Beautiful bag, Amamxr! You have some of the most beautiful things. I can't help on the name, but I love your vintage bag.
  11. :blush:
    i really want to rub her!
  12. oh my gosh! thats so beautiful. sorry i cant help either... :sad:
  13. mmm :drool:yummy!
  14. great bag!.....though i am no help sorry...
  15. Very pretty. Why do I feel that somewhere in her name comes the word "sport?" The leather pull thru reminds me a little of the Sandrine. She does have that old fashioned camera bag vibe about her.