Are you "Ugging" it this year?

  1. I'm not asking whether Uggs are in or out of style this year. It's obvious that after three years, the look it a bit old. The question is whether you will still be wearing them again this F/W?

    Here's my dilemna: I have a boyfriend who plays club soccer every Saturday morning (early) from September through November. All of the girlfriends and wives show up like groupies and cheer on the guys. Since it's colder than heck from mid-September on, I have always worn my Uggs with a pair of jeans or tights. Now both pairs of my Uggs are looking tattered, so it's time to reinvest in new Uggs or something else. (I should mention that these girls are serious fashion fanatics).

    Ideas? They need to be cute, stylish, and warm. I thought these were a cute alternative to Uggs. (Report KEnai - last season)
  2. I will wear Uggs again this year. I don't care if they are "in" or "out". They are comfy and I live in the mountains!! They are a must. :smile:
  3. they'll always be in because they're comfy, even if they're fugly!

    ^those are cute but wouldn't go under jeans very well IMO.
    My Uggs are 5 yrs old now and I'm going to buy a new pair this year. . . the newer ones look better than the ones I have.
  4. I have a brand new pair waiting in the closet for the weather to turn ugg-ly again. I am tempted to buy a pair of the new ankle boots too.
  5. Shoeangel, those are hot! and of course you'd have to wear some tight jeans tucked into them to show them off!
  6. I'll be wearing my UGGs again this winter - last year was the first time since puberty that I've gotten through the winter without getting chilblains on every toe. I don't care if they look hideous - its worth it. :biggrin:

  7. ditto. I don't live in the mountains though. I just love the feel of walking around in slippers all day!
  8. I just ordered these Ugg slippers from I like the color (navy) and I figured if Ugg boots keep me warm, the slippers will probably do a good job, too:

  9. I'm never giving up my UGGS!
  10. Never ! No Uggs for me, I'd rather slip and fall or be uncomfortable in my pointy boots. :biggrin:
  11. oh the navy slippers are lovely!
  12. I would love a pair of UGGS for this winter, can I ask where you bought yours? thanks
  13. I love my uggs. They're wicked comfy and slide on so easy. I'll wear them no matter how many people tell me they're out of style.
  14. I'm definitely wearing mine again. I just bought 2 more pairs of classic tall uggs in black and chocolate. They are so comfortable to wear to class. And when I'm working with kids it's perfect to tuck my jeans into so I don't ruin the hem of my jeans while I chase them and stuff.
  15. I am ugging it.... but I've been ugging it for 13 years (NO JOKE)... I just got the ankle uggs yesterday.. they are too comfy... we own a ski house and they are the best for running errands in the cold!!