Are you thinking of trying anything new?

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  1. I thought it would be fun to talk about any new styles or silhouettes or colors that we have our eye on but are a little afraid to try. Stuff that you really secretly want to try but are talking yourself out of. Do you rarely actually go ahead and do it, and what makes you finally go for it.
  2. I am very Classic when it comes to clothes...and I am lucky that my style never changes I still love and wear items purchased when I was in middle school and im 21 now :smile:
  3. Actually I've been thinking of this lately. This spring, I want to try to wear light blue. For some reason, I've always believed it's not for me, but now I'm really eager to try. Zara has a very nice faux leather jacket this season, so maybe. And I want a light blue blouse. Baby steps :P Also I want to get better at mixing prints.
  4. ^ same for me. Pastels!! I might start with the baby blue skirt...
  5. Well.....get this!! I wear an xl to a 1x and I have always lusted after the tulle full skirt. Never thought I could pull it off at my size so I haven't bought one. Go figure. Am I the only one?
  6. Ha I've seen that same jacket! I just don't like the fact that it's a faux leather

  7. I see what you mean. I don't think it looks cheap or bad quality though, as most faux leather jackets do.
  8. Yes, after a year of 'organizing' and intend to down size my closet, I do plan to do something new (but afraid of)
    - adopt minimal or clean style
    - wear more colors in general
    - wear more skirts and dresses
  9. I made a lot of changes to my wardrobe this past year after losing about 18 pounds. I'm wearing more dresses and skirts and trying some edgier styles. I'm also wearing more boots and stilettos. It feels good to take a few chances, and I've received a lot of positive feedback from friends and co-workers.

    This thread is so timely, because I just made a list of items I'd like to get for spring/summer. They include a tribal-print skirt, mirrored aviator sunglasses and a pastel leather jacket or vest. For the last item, I was thinking of taking the plunge and getting this Catherine Malandrino vest. I'd love some input. TIA
  10. I've been giving button downs (which I used to hate) a go. My lifestyle is very casual and so I wear a lot of knits.

    I also have been doing a bit of a wardbrobe overhaul. Right now I am attempting to downsize things that I am not likely to wear again, but have a hard time letting go of because I've had them for years and I always think "what if I want to wear it again sometime?". So, I've been playing around with wardrobe capsules. It truly is not how I have ever thought about my clothes and so I am finding it difficult to do but I am trying to explore my dressing habits so that hopefully I'll make better clothing purchases. I don't intend to become a rampant minimalist I just want to streamline my closet a little in a sensible fashion, not live off a 30 items total wardrobe.
  11. I've been eyeing cut-out tops! They look so pretty on some people, but I doubt I'd look good in them. Plus many of the ones I've seen have cut-outs in the bust area, so I wouldn't know how to incorporate those into everyday looks.
  12. I just started wearing skinny jeans right before Christmas. Yes, I know I'm very late to it! So far, it's not that bad, but I'm having to get used to them not being as comfy as my bootcut jeans. I started wearing them cuz I bought these boots and realized they'd look better with jeans tucked into them than over them. So far, I'm up to a pair of skinny corduroys and 2 pairs of jeans. I have a pair of Current/Elliott skinny destroyed Stiletto jeans coming in the mail this week, if Saks can find them in my size.

  13. Congratulations on the skinny jeans! I was a late starter too after wearing bootcuts for years, thought I couldn't ever wear skinnies due to my body shape and reading so much fashion advice for bootcuts to balance out your hips blah blah :lol: well I love my skinnies so much! It's just about finding the right pair. I found my bootcuts a few weeks ago and tried them - and threw them out - just too much fabric flapping around now for me :lol:, I did buy some straight legged jeans for when I need a heel. But for now, skinnies all the way :biggrin:
  14. I'd like to try more skirts. I've always shied away from them because they're harder to coordinate than pants, so I live in dresses when it's warm. For me, it's hard to find a flattering length since I'm short and never really wear heels, and it's tough to find the right top to go with a skirt- can't be too loose or too fitted (since I'm flat chested, fitted tanks look weird with a poufy skirt).
  15. I think minimal and color works really well - the color isn't overwhelming if the cuts or prints are simple...