ARe you the same???

  1. Hi gals, as you all know i recently bought my coffer about 1 wk ago and I have ignore all my other LV bags... :crybaby: i feel so guilty of ignoring them while i put all my attention to my new found :heart:

    Tell me, are you the same? Do you rotate your bags frequently...:confused1: For now, i just wish i had bot the coffer from the very beginning then it will save me all these heartaches .. ...
  2. haha..we all do that..I rotate my bags alot though!
  3. My problem is that I fell so in love with my Coffer that I keep buying more in different colors! I can't seem to get enough.....................:wacko:

  4. I'm having a love affair with my Pradas right now but I do rotate with my Chanels oohh about 2-3x/week. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in! :graucho:
  5. I normally switch out and carry a different bag every day unless I'm wearing something that goes well with the bag I carried yesterday or I'm in a super hurry and don't have time to switch out bags.

    Of course if I'm wearing a green outfit and carried my red Prada the day before, you betcher bippy I'll find time to switch out bags. I have an aversion to looking like a walking Christmas ornament. :push:
  6. :roflmfao: that's funny..that is why I too matches my clothings to my bags as well else i look kinda mis-match...
  7. Oh wow!
    That is so exciting to hear! What colors do you have? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  8. I've always been good about switching my bags to match my outfits -- till I recently bought the off white gauffre bowler, a new found love! for the last couple of weeks I've been matching all my outfits to THAT bag and wearing it everyday! :greengrin: Freaky, I know, but I just can't put this bag down!

    Meanwhile, I bought a GREAT top -- dark brown and puckered/pleated neckline that matches my dark brown coffer perfectly. tee heeee! My friend said, "Oh dear gawd, you found a top that was made for your bag" when I wore them.
  9. we're on the same boat darl! ;)
  10. I have the black, brown suede, cammello, ivory and I am still DESPERATELY searching for the BLUE!!!!:search:
  11. wooo... thats sounds like me MINETTE :graucho:
  12. OMG!! Such a lucky girl!! I'm still on a mission to locate my first one :nogood:
  13. I'm still on my mission for that blue Coffer, but almost ready to give up. I have been looking at the Chanels lately and think that I may end up with one. They seem to have a bigger selection in blue. Chloe has more in blue also, but I had a Paddington once and the lock was soooo heavy after a while! !:sad:
  14. Oh, don't worry miu2! Sometimes, your dream bag will pop up when you least expect it to! So don't give up just 'yet'! I must agree with you that the Chanel section is definetly very tempting though... :drool:
  15. I just go with whatever bag I'm in love with at the time, making sure it matches of course. If I'm in love with more than one I try them out in front of a mirror and decide which looks best/which one I want more. Everytime I feel guilty or miss my old bags I take them out of the dustbags and hug them. LOL no ok I just take them out and *look* at them for a while, maybe modeling them or what not. Going with whatever bag I'm obsessed with on a certain day brings me the most joy instead of trying to wear them "equally". Unfortunately I also get stuck on a certain bag and end up buying all the colors etc..ehh..:shame:

    Anyway..I was wondering, does anyone have the plum?