Are you supposed to CUT THIS??!?!?

  1. I bought a Mini Carre Multicolore White scarf a few days ago (it was an impulse-buy...along with another bag lol)...Anyway, I was wondering if you're supposed to CUT the tag??!?!? Included are a few pics showing the 3 white stiches that attach the tag onto the scarf... I was getting annoyed with the tag getting caught and snagging the scarf and thought that IF it was NOT supposed to be cut, then wouldn't LV have sewn like 50 stitches contouring the tag?!??!?! PLEASE help! cuz i don't wanna do somehting stupid and desastrous to it!!! lol
    LVscarf.minicarre.multiwhite.tag.JPG LVscarf.minicarremultiwhite.tagleft.JPG LVscarf.minicarremultiwhite.tagright.JPG
  2. No. But you can if you want to.
  3. I think you are NOT supposed to cut it
  4. Sweetie, thats the label, it's the best part!
  5. I have that scarf, too. I left it on.
  6. I won't cut it, i'd leave it. You might want to sell it down the road and will have issues if the tag is missing i'm sure.
  7. I agree, leave it alone...just in case.
  8. Well I plan on keeping the tag in a safe place after I cut it. Anyhoo, I guess I won't cut it cuz all of you think it's better this way! Thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  9. :lol: although they should just stitch it or Print it in the scarf...
  10. Mine eventually fell off.
  11. Yeah my Perfo bandana and my mom's scarves have the same tags. Just leave them really don't notice it when you wear it because it tucks itself into the ends anyway.
  12. Ditto!:yes:
  13. Just clip the thread that holds it and save it in a safe spot. You can always sew it back. If you are good with a fine sharp needle and thread, you could loosely stitch the label flat onto the scarf (loosely!). I've done that to my silk scarves (don't have LV tho).
  14. I have the same tag on my white MC bandeau... it is annoying. But when I wear it, I don't seem to notice it. :shrugs:
  15. I think that you are supposed to cut it- my mom's Burberry scarf had the same thing, and I think it's temporary so the purchaser knows the correct cleaning procedures. I mean, the LV logo is ALL over it- you really don't need that weak little tag.