Are you supersticious?

  1. do you think that in life everything is coming back to you? Good and bad? Are you supersticious?
  2. Yep i'm fairly superstitious, i wish i wasnt but i am. Since someone told me the whole magpie thing, i havent been able to stop myself from counting them. I also wouldnt walk under a ladder if there was another way around it.
  3. Not me.
  4. i dunno it depends on what happens... but generally i dont think i am! :smile:
  5. nope. not superstitious at all.
  6. I think I'm pretty supersticious, especially when it comes to school exams. I have my usual "lucky" outfit that I'll wear on exam day and my special lucky pen/pencil to use on that day. My favorite color is red because it's a lucky color in my culture and I like my school ID # or exam ID # to have the numbers 6, 8, or 9 in it because I considered them lucky numbers. And oh I can go on and on and on with luck and supersticious behaviors. :lol:
  7. Isn't that karma?
  8. Somewhat...Whenever Friday the 13th rolls around, I'm a bit more cautious with everything -- I watch out for ladders, black cats...
  9. Ok, I just realize we now have 2 threads with the same topic. :lol:
  10. Supersticious no I never believed in luck but I do believe what goes around comes around.