Are You Supersititous ??

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  1. I believe everything happens in threes.
  2. I don't walk under ladders, don't open umbrellas indoors, and I'm super careful around Friday the 13. Three years ago I was in a car accident on that day, and this year I was in an accident the day after, January 14. I should just avoid driving around that time :blink: I think I get it from my grandmother, she's very superstitious.
  3. I'm not but my best friend is. Most of the time I don't even get it that it's Friday 13th. But what I hate as well is walking under a ladder because I always when it crashes I'll look like "crepe suzette".
  4. Yes, but not in the traditional sense. I don't care about black cats, Friday the 13th, walking under ladders, etc, but I have to hold my breath when driving under powerlines (could not tell you why), and when I cross my fingers I have to do it on both hands, or my left hand only, cos otherwise the universe will think I'm lying.

    Yes, I am a freak.
  5. I'm not generally superstitous but I do see that people I know seem to die in "threes". Or, at least bad things happen in threes...
  6. I am about certain stuff like the three thing and black cats except it's black squirrels for me.
  7. I knock on wood, but it's more of a habit than a superstition.
  8. Same here! And I NEVER put keys on the table!!!:lol:
  9. I'm not at all superstitious. So far. Cross my fingers ... lol
  10. Unfortunately deaths/misfortune in my family happen in threes...Also I won't wear opals since I have heard that if the opal is not your birthstone and you wear it, it brings bad luck. I was given an opal ring 2 years ago, wore it......and had a run of bad luck.
  11. I'm not superstitious at all.
  12. I hear you about the threes thing. My grandma said that since we're Japanese, bad things happen in 3s. I am not really too into that kind of thing, but sometimes it holds true. I don't really plan my life around superstitions though.
  13. I'm not superstitious, and I don't believe in horoscopes, but I think they're fun to read.
  14. OK, I admit this is a wierd one. But you know how the aliens/monsters always come out of the sewers in the movies? Well, just to be on the safe side whenever I walk over a grate in the street or sidewalk, I will call out (under my breath, of course, so no one will lock me up as a loonie) to whatever lives in there. Something like, "Hey guys! Just me. Remember to not eat me when you take over the world, OK?"
  15. on somethings i am.... but im just pretty guliable when it comes to things these days! :-/