Are you still using your micro luggage?

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  1. #1 May 11, 2019
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
    i have 2 Celine micro luggage totes. One is baby drummed leather in dark blue, and is lined with microfiber, so it’s fairly light. The other is the color souris, which I had wanted forever, but it is lined in suede and it’s not baby drummed leather, but regular thick pebbled leather, so it is very heavy. I was wondering if anyone had sold or stopped using their micro luggage tote due to weight? Ideally I should probably swap the micro souris for a nano and keep the blue micro, but I adore the real suede lining. It’s so luxurious!!
  2. Nobody? Anybody? Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on the weight of this bag and if anyone else has let one go due to the weight. Or do you still have, love, and use yours frequently?
  3. I got a nano luggage last year and I was worried that I would stop using my micro as much. Unfortunately my worries were true. I find the nano so much easier to grab and go because I can go hands free. I do still love my micro but I usually only use it for work.
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  4. I'm just about to sell mine but it's due to lifestyle change imposed by my health (need to follow a diet and carry lunch boxes and snacks and we are talking lifetime) and the bag has suddenly become too small for this:oh:
    Otherwise it's amazing, beautiful bag and not as heavy as the mini version (not to mention the phantom eeeeek). Can't tell i used it a lot but it's due to many other handbags I own.
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  5. I have a red micro luggage. I do agree that it is a bit heavy, but it is very special to me! I wear it a couple of times a year, depending on my outfit and usually in the spring/summer.
    Otherwise the bag is stuffed and in its dustbag in my closet.
    I would want to get a nano luggage as an everyday bag though. I'm more into crossbody bags with handles lately.
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  6. I have three micros, first black then souris then pearly grey and I’m contemplating a fourth in slate blue.

    I love them so much, mine are all drummed with suede interior. One of my all time favourite bags and I’ll not stop using them for a very long time.

    I never bought the nano version because I don’t carry crossbody, only handheld.
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  7. Thank you for your response, lavy. That is what I was afraid of.

  8. Thank you, nikka007. I could have sent it back to the seller, but I missed my window.

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  9. That is good to know, __Tiff__. It is a gorgeous bag. I will just have to try to find more occasions to use mine.

  10. Thank you, BlueCherry. I also don’t carry bags crossbody. Although I think I would like the smaller size of the nano better.

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  11. I let mine go. I only have my nano which I love and still use a lot!
  12. I have two micros and one mini. I love, love my micros and use them a lot. The micro is the perfect size for me. The weight isn't too bad but I wouldn't use it if I had to carry it for a long period of time. The mini, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It's terribly heavy but I can't bear to part with it because it is so pretty. I'd love to have a nano but unfortunately it's not big enough even for my basics. You should at least keep your blue micro since you don't sound like you are completely ready to let go of it. Good luck with your decision.
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  13. I still love my Micro Luggage and use it. I just recently got my holy grail handbag so it's taking a little rest right now but I cannot wait to wear my Celine again
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  14. I use my micro a few times a month and love it every time I use it. Is it the most practical? No. Not even close. But I adore it and when I do wear it, it brings me tons of joy. I feel the micro is one of those bags that you may not get the best cost per wear but I just love the look of it to pieces.
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  15. I only recently got a Micro and I love it so much! It's the ideal size for my daily essentials plus some of the things you pick up along the way.
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