Are you stalking ebay at the present?

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  1. I am! lol! Just curious to see how many of you check eBay everyday for that one particular item you have to have, but haven't found yet. I have two items I check eBay for every single day and have been for about 3 months now. No luck so far, but I keep hoping. :girlsigh:
  2. Always!
    But to save myself time, I actually set up searches for specific things I am in "need" of!
  3. always stalking eBay myself. Every day without fail. :p
  4. Lol!!!!!
  5. I stalk eBay several times daily, depending on what I'm wanting at that particular moment.
  6. Even though I have favorite searches saved the emails only come once a yes, I stalk several times a day!
  7. Oh heck yes lol.
    I have this whole routine and I check daily.
  8. Oh, definitely! I have about five things that I search for of these days hopefully I'll find a couple of them:p
  9. At least twice a day without fail.
  10. Yes, there's one particular bag I'm searching for and I do check several times a day.
  11. Me too - I have three saved searches and check them many, many times a day! I used to have four searches, though - I finally got one of them just last week so just three to go (until I figure out more things I need)! Wahoo!
  12. I agree! Sometimes the items are already gone by the time your saved search gets emailed to you, so I do a search everytime I get on my computer....... I really need to get a life. :shame:
  13. Guilty as charged. Several times a day... DH says I'm addicted!
  14. Yes, I definitely stalk ebay CONSTANTLY, but I only do it when there's one thing in particular that I want, that is either no longer available or I am not willing to pay full retail for. I've been wanting this one particular LV bag for the past couple weeks (the Houston in Pomme d'Amour), and was stalking eBay constantly for it. Then last week it shows up, and so of course I bid on it. To make a long story short, I got "sniped" in the last TWO SECONDS and didn't win the auction. :crybaby: I was so mad because I knew that that meant I would have to continue stalking eBay everyday until I found another one! Argghh....
  15. I am on ebay right now!!! I want an LV bag so bad!!!