Are You Smarter Than An S.A. ?

  1. This past thursday I went to the Coach store to use my PCE discount. I had it in my head what i wanted.

    • white legacy shoulder bag
    • tortoise joelle sunnies
    • gold woven flat
    • large signature stripe makeup bag

    I get to the coach store and they have 0 of the above items and my little heart was crushed. All i wanted was to to walk out of the store with the items i wanted i mean how hard is that ! So i find an SA to ask if they have the stuff and im just not seeing it or if we need to order it. SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT FOR ALL FOUR ITEMS. I was like are you kidding me ? First of all not one SA in the whole store knew there was a white (geranium) shoulder bag. They didnt believe me when i said it and we actually went online so i could prove to them there was such thing ! Then when they saw there was such thing they all wanted one haha :roflmfao:

    The sa i was working with was a good sa i just felt like i knew more about her products then she did and if i was selling something i would want to kn ow EVERYTHING about it. For Instance the signature stripe large beauty case i asked if they had any in stock and was like yes ! all cheerful and i got excited that they would have one thing i wanted in stock. and she took me over to the tattersall beauty case. I was thinking are you serious there isnt even a signature on it !

    well im done ranting. i never rant im one of those if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all. i hope this wasnt mean sounding because thats definitely not how i meant it. i just think its silly the costumers know more than the SA's :nogood:
  2. and in the end i purchased the white shoulder bag and joelle sunglasses.

    im still dreaming of the gold woven flats but they are completely out in my size. whats a girl to do :sad:
  3. aren't the joelles to die for!!!

    I have them in Sand and Black
  4. idk i havent recieved them yet !! i got them in tortoise and im so excited.
  5. Shows how dedicated we are!
  6. haha definitely tmc
  7. it's frustrating for me because i always know more about the products than the SA's I encounter do, and it makes me uncomfortable to stand there and correct them. ugh.
  8. Usually when you correct them, they begin to give a bit of attitude....That happened the other day when we ordered the mini lily, my future husband was quite irritated....but it happens....they hire seasonal SA who know nothing. I love to see people who are seasonal and know their stuff, it makes the shopping experience much more pleasurable.
  9. I asked my SA for a "Signature Stripe Skinny" and she gave me a wallet...that didn't even have a stripe on it. I was the SKINNY. And she gave me this look. I had to point it out to her....

    Honestly, they might as well just hire ME. I wonder if some people who work at Coach even know anything about the bags or authenticating them...
  10. it just bothers me.

    i want an SA to help me not have to have me help them
  11. I'm a proud seasonal SA and I know my stuff. I know more than I should because of this site, lol.
  12. you're title cracked me up:p
    we've probably all had a similar experience.
    (which isn't to say there are obviously some sharp SA's out there - we have a few who comment on this board.)
  13. worrelsj, i hope they recognize your aptitude and offer you a full time position:yes:
  14. I hope so! I just ordered a bag, sight unseen, in Walnut. One SA told me the walnut color was lighter and muted, pointing to another bag in the store. God I hope that's not the case and it's dark like I think it is.

  15. ^^^Thanks! That would be the best christmas present ever! lol. My checking account wouldn't like it though.