Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

  1. ...take this test and find out! I should have been paying more attention in class- I got 4 questions wrong. How'd you do?
  2. I got all of them right - I couldn't stand it if my son were smarter than me. Later , yes. Not now!!
  3. I got 6 right bummer...:wacko:
  4. Got them all right whew!!!!
  5. I got 13 right...Dang, lol
  6. I got one wrong, not too bad.
  7. erm... 10 wrong on this one, but 100% right on that other iq test

  8. I missed the prime number one, and the representative question. I forgot that prime numbers can't be 0 OR 1,-1, and got the Representative's term mixed up with a Senator's term.
  9. I got 3 of them wrong. Darn!!
  10. ahh boo, i don't know very much about the states...
  11. Also, I've never even heard the term 4 corners. I guess and got it right.
  12. I got 6 wrong :s
  13. I got 10 right.
  14. I got ten.... :sweatdrop:
  15. Yikes, I got 7 wrong! I mean how am I supposed to know what a chimpanzee's natural habitat is? And what in the world is a compound word?