Are you short and carry the Legacy shoulder bag?

  1. LOL! Yes, that is a strange question, I know. But I have been struggling with the shoulder bag ever since Legacy was introduced. It was my favorite bag of the collection but when I saw it IRL it looked huge and I figured I wouldn't be able to pull it off. So, I ended up with the shoulder zip bags instead. I love them, don't get me wrong, but my heart is still with the shoulder bag.

    I am a petite person -- 5'1"/115 pounds. I tried this bag on in the store a week ago and, as I suspected, it looked weird on me. Even the SA thought it looked a bit off - like it was too big for my frame.

    Are there any shorties out there who are carrying the shoilder bag? If so, I'd love to see photos of you wearing it. Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. No photos, but I'm 4'11 and have the shoulder bag in black and whiskey. Love them!!!!:yes:
  3. I'M 5'2" i carry almost only huge bags.....because i like them, not because they may or may not " look good".
    i suppose its just if you give a damn about that.
  4. I'm 5'4 1/2" (the half matters!) and I love big bags. I have the older Legacy Shoulder Tote that's huge (the one mandy moore has), the Ali bag and a vintage carryall.
  5. I'm about your size Mokoni - and I have the Shoulder Bag. Don't have any pics @ this moment. But I do get a lot of compliments on my bag.
  6. um.. wow.. im 5'0 and i wear gigantic bags.. lmao.. i probably look a bit wierd being so small but i don't care! IF YOU LOVE THE BAG, GO FOR IT! who cares!
  7. hi i'm 5"1"/ 100 pounds. i think it may look abit bulky at 1st, but i feel that it's actually a medium size coach bag. as i tend to carry alot of things around with me always, the shoulder bag is really the minimum i can do with + it does look great :smile: just look at the mirror a few more times it will grow on u hehe
  8. I'm 5'2'' and it works for me. I wouldn't consider it a big bag at all. I'd say it's a smallish medium. I'm use to carrying much larger.
  9. Thanks, everyone, for the input. I bit the bullet and picked up a black leather Shoulder Bag on eBay yesterday. With Sprinkles' news about Legacy leaving most of the stores I panicked a little and figured I better get one while they are still around. The one I ended up getting was a like new customer return for $285 BIN. I am posting the auction photo but will be sure to post photos of the actual bag once I get it.


    Thanks, again! :flowers:
  10. its a beautiful bag and dont worry about looking "odd" i love big bags and I am about 5'1 ish and wear a size 2
  11. I'm 5'4 and 103 pounds and LOVE my legacy shoulder bag- I think the size is perfect!
    1.JPG 2.JPG
  12. heck no girl! go for bold! big is in, if you like it, rock it! as long as you are comfortable, what ever you are wearing will look incredible.
  13. Here's a pic of mine before I took it back. I'm 5'2 btw & I won't give my weight LOL but I have lost almost 10 pounds since this pic was taken.
  14. Pursefanatic85- How come you ended up returning your bag? Were you not happy with it?
  15. Well, I like the size, shape & how it fits on the shoulder but, I couldn't get pass the delicate legacy leather. I have a 3 year old & my bags get pretty tossed around with him.