Are you serious

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  1. Wtf?!?!?!
  2. Well at least she coughed it up that it wasn't real. lol I can't believe they fake lillies!
  3. She needs to pull that, the print is so small that someone may be so excited and miss it!
  4. thats not even her picture, she copy it from another seller.
  5. There are already bidders on that bag! Wow!

  6. Exactly because when i see it at first i was like that a great deal and the pic in the listing is a authentic lily. But then i keep on reading and realize its a FAKE
  7. It's gone!
  8. She needs her @$% kicked.
  9. The listing was pulled. Thank goodness.
  10. I :heart: that wristlet!
  11. I saw this earlier & immediately reported it.

    I looked @ the picture and it was authentic so I couldn't figure out what the actual purse looked like.
  12. Recap for those that missed it...

    It was a whiskey Lily starting bid $9.99 and BIN $499.99. I thought GREAT deal!

    The picture was of an authentic Lily (looks just like mine), retail price of $768 (wrong since XL was $1198), and then there was the fine print.

    She took it to Coach, SA supposedly told her it was a good fake, i.e. except for the creed A+ (value $250). So she was going to lower the price to $299.

    All this and NO pics of the actual bag!
  13. hey guys!:biggrin:

    We have a thread in Coach Shopping for fakes, please post these threads there:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.