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  1. I had two head shaking encounters at the Coach outlet on Saturday. First, I was in the back of the store looking around and these two younger girls (I would say.. 15 maybe?) came walking through the store all disgusted. The one girl looks at the other girl and says "Why would anyone buy these bags? You can get them for half the price at a purse party". I just stood there in shock. I was going to stop them and set them straight but they were just so snotty.

    Then when I was at the counter checking out, this young girl (probably high school age) brought in her "Coach" bag to ask if it was real. The SA actually went and "looked it up" for her. But it was soooo obviously fake. It had this big solver patch on the front that said Coach and was crooked. It actually had big scratches and bends on it (like vinyl does when it stretches). And all the stitching was sticking out and the CCs were all crooked. It was really sad. The SA told her that she could send it into Coach for verification but chances were she wouldn't get it back. She said she got it as a gift. I don't know who I felt more sorry for. The person who bought it for her or the girl for believing them.
  2. I would give that SA credit for being able to keep a straight face and go through the motions of "looking that bag up!" As for the other 2 teenagers, wow - I don't even know what to say!
  3. It was nice to see that the SA was showing some tact to the girl, offering some advice without making the girl look and feel like a complete idiot.

    And regarding the 15-year-olds, that just goes to show you how naive they really are.
  4. About the first story, it reminds me of my mother. She's saying the same thing, she's basically encouraging everyone to buy the cheaper purses that are seen in TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I hate those purses. After she bought this large orange purse at Marshall's she just suddenly blurts out that buying Coach and LV isn't worth it anymore, instead just buy 1-2 and that's it.

    It pisses me off, I was hoping she would buy me a small designer purse for my birthday. A small one! But I don't know anymore. It makes me sad.

    Even worse, when she noticed me looking at the Weekend Totes on the Coach site, she said "You're buying another Coach.... let me see [the listing]." I just told her I wanted to find totes like this one for summer vacation, since they are not available in my area. She ends up blurting out that I should return my Madeline just for a that huge Weekend tote! I got very upset after that. That Madeline is my only purse I ever use now, and I hate her for it.

    I think she wants me to get rid of all Coach stuff. I just... :crybaby:

    And for the second story, I agree with everyone here. And that is hilarious. I'm also glad the SA kept her cool around the girl.
  5. I feel bad for the girl. She was probably really excited about getting it and then people probably kept telling her it was a fake. So she finally went in to see for herself. Im glad the SA looked it up to make her feel better. It was probably very embarassing.
  6. Poor girl, at least the SA went about it in a professional manner. I have a close friend who has a few fakes, but I don't have the heart to tell her. She's on a tight budget and loves the bags and I can't bear to dissapoint her. I keep hoping someone else will let her know so I dont' have to.
  7. I'm glad the SA was nice to that girl too. My daughter was given a fake for a gift and she always hears me talking about how wrong fakes are so she won't even use it at all - nice to know the teenager has actually been listening to something I've said;)
  8. I feel so bad for the other girl, I guess she had some sort of hope it was real, otherwise she wouldn't have bought it to the store for them to check out.

  9. I agree! Sadly the two teenagers represent a larger ignorant crowd that actually think fake bags are real. YES, there are many people that do, even though it's hard to imagine why!! I've encountered this on many occasions, and once even put my auth bag against my niece's fake one...the responses were mixed in choosing which one was actually real, and women failed more often than the men I polled at choosing the auth one!!! I think this kind of thing damages Coach's image more than some of the other things the company seems to be concerned about!
  10. I feel bad for the girl who has the fake purse, it's really not her fault. Sometimes I'll see people with fake purses, thankfully it's rare, and before I get mad at them for supporting counterfeiters I have to remind myself they might not know...
  11. ugh i know what you mean. I'm 17 and one of my feiends just had a purse party and i was so disgusted, but i couldn't tell he rnot to do it. My other friend who went owns real coach and then she was all talking about the party and how she got a bag for $60 and I'm like you know their fake right? and she's all yea but they look the same, you can't tell. it so annoying.
  12. He he that is so funny man those girls are just so funny. I cant blame them they are really young . Most likely they personally do not have the money to pay so much for a bag. The high school girl is just so sad.... I mean she must really have hope that it is real.. Hopefully she did not pay too much for it..
  13. As for the first situation - they obviously do not know that there is a quality difference and not just a price difference.

    As for the second situation - I am impressed! I would think most of the SAs would be snotty about it be confused with a real Coach and would have been mean! Hats off to her!
  14. Ugh! Why were those girls in there anyway then?!!!

    Even if you were to explain to them why fakes are wrong, they would probably just roll their eyes.