Are you serious?

  1. Why do some threads get deleted or frozen??? I dont get it?

    I was NOT asking anyone to authenticate anything...I had came acrossed them and wondered if anyone had seen them before. Stating that they were different and I had never seen them before.

    Good Grief :noggin:
  2. i was wondering why that got closed too.

    oh well
  3. I think the powers that be are trying to clean up the coach forum a bit.

    I know they said we would get a major overhaul soon (aka - subforums and what not)...but I haven't seen it yet
  4. mods are just trying to keep the forum clean. MANY threads are better suited elsewhere (usually a thread that is stickied).

    next time, a different wording in the title might help. mods don't always read the threads...
  5. i agree that the wording of the title and thread couldve been better.

    i too thought it was an authenticate this question.
  6. in most cases if the OPs question has been answered they are closed. not sure about other ones though.
  7. ^actually, only in some cases do we clsoe threads if teh questions was answered.
    If it appears to be a topic we don't allow, we'll close the thread, if it APPEARS to be an authenticity question, the thread will be closed, etc. . . .
    It's no big deal and I can assure you, we close very few threads compared to the astronomical # of threads actaully posted on a daily basis here.
    This is why our website is so easy to browse, we run a pretty tight ship.
  8. I prefer mods take a hands off approach as much as possible.
  9. I guess that's always something to bring up w/ Vlad and Megs. . . the Mods merely follow the rules they set into place.