Are you selling handbags on Craislist?

  1. I've seen a few people comment that they have had success in selling handbags on craigslist. I took at look the other day and didn't see much but I didn't spend must time investigating it. If you sell on craigslist, do you also sell on eBay or have you given that up completely? Any tips to selling on craigslist? Thanks!
  2. I've sold one bag on craig's list and one bag on eBay. Both transactions were easy, except you *may* have a better chance for getting more money on eBay if you choose the auction format, but you pay minor fees on ebay.

    As for craig's list, people try to haggle with you for the price. Sometimes people change their minds...

    I am currently selling another bag on craig's list; it can get annoying with people asking to pay 1/2 of what you've listed the price to be, or asking if I can hold the bag until they get paid... and then they don't respond!

    There are buyers out there, it's worth a shot on Craig's list first, if no bites then go to ebay. I guess it depends on your bag, if it's not worth too much... go for craig's list, if more valuable...go for ebay.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Do you meet with the buyers? Do they pay cash?
  4. i have sold a few bags and other items on craigslist. yep meet in a public place and they paid cash. also once someone meet me at my house. was super easy and no paypal/ebay fees.
  5. There are quite a few fakes on DC's craigslist.
  6. i've recently started listing a couple of my handbags on craigslist. i avoid selling on ebay now because of the high listing and paypal fees. i end up losing a good chunk of money. plus i've had unpleasant experiences in the past with terrible buyers, and it's just not worth the hassle to me anymore.

    i've gotten a few responses although it is much slower than ebay. also, people on craigslist tend to look for a deal, so they try to negotiate prices with you. it can get annoying when the prospective buyer makes a ridiculous offer, but i can choose how much i want to sell it for rather than praying, hoping, and wishing that my auction gets bid up in the last few minutes or having my fees skyrocket because i want to set a reserve price.

    even if my bag doesn't sell on craigslist, i can relist it for free. i love that a transaction can be finished within a few days and i get cash in my hand rather than having to wait for the buyer to pay - if they pay at all - then waiting an additional 3-5 days for my funds to transfer into my bank account. i don't even want to get into the bogus disputes...

    unless i needs the money quickly or it's a purse that retains its value well/appreciates like a chanel, balenciaga, lv, or hermes, i'd prefer to avoid ebay and paypal altogether.
  7. I am selling between the two. The bag dictates the market.
  8. If you do sell on craig's list, meet at a public place...that's what I did. And DO NOT TAKE CHECKS! only cash! Beware of the responses from people asking you if you will ship to them... they even offer extra $$ for you to ship, but only pay by check/money order.

    -by the way, there are plenty of fake handbags on the Boston craig's list as well! Who sells a real LV for $50?
  9. ^ yeah money order/ check is a big no no on cragislist. DO NOT SHIP THE ITEM OUT. It's a huge risk. It's a huge SCAM and craigslist has even issued a warning for that. There are two ways the scammer rips you off. 1. money order that exceeds what you were asking for, and the scammer immediately says "oops I made a mistake, could you refund me the difference?" and asks you to western union the money. The money order turns out to be fake.
    2. money order in the correct amount, and you ship out the item, and the money order is fake.

    I know some people who successfully sold their stuff, including bags, on craigslist, but the transaction takes longer than ebay because you have no control over their promise. There are a lot of no-shows, trying to bargain at the last minute, etc. But the upside is that you don't lose $ over fees and don't have to worry about paypal/chargeback issues.
  10. I've had good luck with selling Coach on Craigslist, but so far have failed to sell any LV on there. It's awesome for getting rid of other stuff though!
  11. I had success with selling on Craigslist I just sold a Coach Legacy on there that after reseaching ebay I actaully was able to sell it and make $50 more than they were going for on ebay. So it just depends on the market for the bag. I try Craigslist first since there's no fees and after a week I will list on ebay if there is no interest. But know you have to be specific whendoing a search because there are a lot of fakes on Craigslist as well
  12. I am so glad this worked out for you but please, DO NOT MEET AT YOUR HOUSE, THEIR HOUSE, OR ANY PRIVATE PLACE. We all know most people are good but there are evil people in the world. DO NOT MEET STRANGERS AT YOUR HOUSE, THEIR HOUSE, YOUR MOITHER'S HOUSE, or THEIR MOTHER'S HOUSE. JUST DON'T.


    I don't mean to shout, but this is important. Don't do it. I don't care if it is Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, or the local newspaper. Don't do it. Public, preferably with a friend along side you.

    (MODS: I know you removed my last post and don't know why, but please don't remove this one. It is too important. Thanks, Heike.)
  13. I'd like to hear more about this. Some have said Coach sells on craigslist. What else? And have you tried using PayPal? If the buyer has an account, can't they just send you the money before you ship them a bag? Or they won't generally agree to that? Thanks all for your helpful input on this.
  14. Every bag I have ever seen photos of on Craigslist either looked like it was either run over by a truck, or it was a heinous fake. Maybe some of the other regions of Craigslist don't have this issue, but ours sure does!

    So, no, I have never tried to sell on Craigslist.

    Oh and by the way, that earlier post is absolutely correct about NEVER meeting at people's homes. I am sorry but it's just NOT safe. Be careful & be smart!
  15. I think it often depends on the city...I did really well in New York, but not so well in DC. In NYC, I sold Botkier, Coach, Marc Jacobs and a few others. In DC, I've sold art with quite a decent markup and even used luggage for close to retail, but handbags...forget it. I've either gotten no response or been told, "I believe your bag is an authentic such-and-such, but I only want to pay $50 for it." I'm sorry, but it's a barely used $1000+ bag for less than half price. I'm willing to negotiate, but $50?!?

    All to say, I think it depends on the market and as long as you take the precautions others have mentioned. And since Craigslist is free, definitely worth a shot!