Are You Secure Enough To Ask ??

  1. Hi, if you see someone carrying a great bag would you asked them where did they buy it ? or, who is it by ? or just envy them ? Personaly I have to ask ! :love:
  2. I would definately ask. Can't resist a great bag!:love:
  3. i'd probably just casually stare (or try to) and get a closer look so i could determine who the bag was by myself
  4. I would ask!!!
    I'm a need to know kind of gal :lol:
  5. I will ask IF I notice one, but usually I hardly pay much attention.
  6. Ditto! Being shy isn't a quality of mine!:amuse:
  7. I think if you make it a point of complimenting them and asks who makes it, you'll be fine.
  8. if i like, i ask. i'm not shy.
  9. For sure! I assume they'd love to know I was coveting their bag, I'd definitely ask!
  10. If I love someone's bag, I let them know, but I never ask them where they got it. For some reason, I just don't feel comfortable asking. But if they feel flattered enough, they usually volunteer the information.:lol:
  11. Ask!
  12. I saw a Bulga for the first time at the secondhand shop where its owner was selling many huge shopping bags full of designer clothing. I STARED at her bag, trying to memorize what it looked like, then when I got home, I typed "leather studded drawstring bag" into google, and there was the Bulga. At the time they weren't being sold anywher in SF, but the following week I was in Chicago and found mine there.
  13. lol i do the SAME thing i will look at the bag and then go home and search like a mad woman for it on google. :lol::wacko:
  14. depends on the situation.. since i work in retail and if im ringing, i'll ask but i won't randomly stop someone just to find out
  15. Yup, me too