Are you satisfied with your wardrobe? For how long?

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  1. I feel awful to admit and say this, but I hardly ever wear anything that is older than 6 months. No, not because I think it's "old", but because I grow out of it very quickly. I try to build my closet around great basics and staple pieces, but in the end I love just few things and I feel like never wearing the other things in my wardrobe ever again. I think what may cause this is that when I have something new, which I love, I tend to wear it too much. I try not to do that, but you know...I can't help myself :P

    My question is, am I normal? Does anyone have this experience?
  2. I do this with a lot of what I buy! I get it and I can't wait to put it on and where it over and over. I have learned that if I don't wear something in the first week I buy it (unless its a special occasion outfit) I return it. For me it tells me I don't love it. Or even if I do love it - I have nothing to wear WITH it. And since starting this rule of thumb in the last 6 months or so my wardrobe is growing in the right way!

    I have soince gone to my basement and without even looking got rid of all my clothing previously packed up. If I can't remember what was there I didn't really need it in the first place.

    Also, now that I've really cleaned and purged I see where the holes in my wardrobe are. And now that I've started a new job I really need to fill certain wardrobe holes.
  3. I'm pretty satisfied with mine--I love it when I buy a piece that I can keep going back to years from now or I guess now from years ago--I don't hit it out of the ballpark every time but, I have basics that I can wake up every morning and wear and a good deal of them can be manipulated (top worn as a skirt, dress worn as a skirt, etc vice versa)

    that said

    I find myself adding a piece or two here and there every now and then (average maybe a piece a month if it's a bit $$)

    I am also looking for certain past season items I love but either didn't have funds for then or entirely missed the boat on because I wasn't educated in that label
  4. i think i am quite happy w/ my wardrobe....i used to buy a lot of skirts and they are still in my closet and i still wear them tho not as often as before. i am wearing more dresses now b/c they look better w/ the boots i got.
    i would say 50% of my stuff are like 10 years old...and i wear the newer stuff more often.
    i used to buy pricier clothes but after the economy went south i don't buy anything more than 200 bucks. or i stick to sales.
    i just bought 4 pieces from H+M and i love them all. even tho some might think HM is cheap but it still took me a while in the store to buy them...i just hate buying stuff and regret later. i rather use those money to have a good meal instead of something i don't like sitting in my closet.
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    I'm slowly becoming more satisfied with mine. I've been cleaning out my closet..getting rid of all the so~so things that I either don't wear or doesn't fit anymore...and have been sitting in there for a year. I don't know what I was waiting for.
    Beefing up my staples(and making thoughtful choices with styles and colors that work for me.. making sure I can and will wear what I buy often and it will last a couple of years...(cardi's../tops)
    Now that I know what jeans I will always buy..I've gotten rid of the ones I don't wear.
    I think I've gotten all the boots that will last me for awhile..I have a couple pr of Loeffler Randall's(black and brown) and some Frye's..I might want one more pr of flat riding boots.
    I wish I was a heeled boot person but don't think I am.

    Oh..and I need a pr of booties..have been searching but haven't found the right pr. yet.
    I'm trying to buy more dresses and skirts because my go to has always been nice jeans. I've found 2 dresses and 1 skirt.
    Editing down is still a work in progress for me.
  6. I'm waiting for our H&M to open because I will probably supplement my closet too with a few staple pieces..cardi/coat..or something. Can't beat the prices..:smile:
  7. ^^take a look at the H&M modeling thread....i like their stuff this season. sometimes i wasn't too crazy about their stuff...but this season i do like.
  8. On a daily basis I am reasonably satisfied but often I will suddenly decide I want to wear something which I dont own or when I go out I often cant find anything I want to wear!!
  9. I am very happ with my wardrobe, but on the other hand I just purchased alot of clothes and shoes becuase it had been 1 year since I had...

    I rotate my clothes just like my bags and shoes.. there are very few outfits I do not wear... and if I do not wear them in 3 months a either start or Goodwell them...
  10. And that is what I want, what most of you here described, those classic pieces... I think the oldest thing I wear I have in my closet is 2 freaking years old and I feel like it's been an enternity...but I guess it has a lot to do with growing up
  11. I'm quite content with my wardrobe. Once in a while, I'll get a few new items to update my closet. For clothes that I haven't worn in ages (and might never will) I pack in a "DD when she's older box" (mostly the designer ones) and the rest I give to charity.
  12. it takes time

    the best thing i've learned so far (and something i still struggle with) is NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

    you gotta love it

    if you need it for a job or something and the season only offers you x, then at a certain (cheap) rate then its not so bad

    but rule of thumb for me is it has to be absolute 100% perfect, you know, you ever say, "thats close enough" or "i guess i'll get that (because you can't find anything else)


    something else will always come up

    know the difference between what you love and can wear and what you love, but can only admire from the outside
  13. I think the key to whatyou want is understanding your body and your own style. Trends are well and good but if its not something you would wear if it wasn't "in" then its maybe not worth the money. Like if leopard print is in, don't go overboard with a dress or cardigan, stick with flats or a scarf. That way you can feel up to scratch with trends but you can always wear them after the fact. And if you don't like your hips/thighs in skinny jeans why buy them when they are trendy. At least half my closet is more than 4 years old and probably 15-20% is at least 8-9 years old. (I'm 29 now).

  14. :goodpost:

    If I don't love it or it has no purpose - it has to find a new home.

    I'm totally happy with my wardrobe, it would be totally silly and indulgent of me to buy any more clothes - even though I dream of this or that occasionally I try my best to keep to accessories now.
  15. ^^i totally agreed w/ the accessories. they are really worth investing some nice pieces. i do love the LV loepard wrap but i just wouldn't drop 800 bucks for a scarves.