Are you REDdy for my new Coffer? (PIC)

  1. I am soooo excited about the new addition to my Coffer family!!
    Are you Reddy to meet her?


    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE her!!!:love:
  2. beautiful! :love:
  3. I thought you have allready one in red, dont you?
  4. wow, that color is beautiful!
  5. Nope. This is the first red coffer I have ever owned. The only other red bag that I have is the Prada Sfumata clutch in Patent leather. :graucho:
  6. **GASP** OMG that is stunning!! What a beauty! Where did you find her?
  7. My my! The love for the coffer just grows and grows! Excellent color choice and you just made me lust after a coffer that much more, dang it!
  8. Gorgeous!!!
  9. oo:huh:OOooo Miu, I LOVE it!! Gorgeous! Makes me want another one... hmmmm :nuts:
  10. A very dear friend was selling her and I jumped on the opportunity!! :wlae:
  11. Lucky you, congrats!!!
  12. aHHHHHH!!!! so LOVE the red color!!!! What an Eye candy:drool:!!! Looks just like new, can't believe it's a used bag.Coffer family pics please!!!
  13. Pretty Red Miu Coffer!
    Is that friend a certain decorated Miu and Fendi Lover perchance...:graucho:
    Great Snag:tup:

    BTW - do you prefer the regular over the bandioliera? I seem to like the later more, but maybe its just me....ok I dribble and drool on...:drool:
  14. No, wrong friend. She's not a member here.

    I prefer the Coffer. As a matter of fact, I sold the Bandoliera only a couple of weeks ago. Didn't love the long strap and actually find the braided handle to be more convenient than I had originally realized!

    Thanks Baglady.1!!!
  15. That bag is stunning - I have a thing for red bags and that is TDF - you are lucky, congrats!