Are you ready for "The Houstons: On Our Own"?

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  2. No thanks. I don't want to get more dirt on this kid.
  3. No thanks. I don't want to watch her family ride her death to reality tv fame.
  4. Wow that is exploitation to the fullest. I cannot believe Lifetime is stooping so low
  5. Neither do I and therefore, won't be watching.:tdown:
  6. Ugh, shame on Lifetime for even bringing this crap...
  7. Nope....not. Ready.....
  8. Absolutely not
  9. This is so disrepectful. I will not be watching.
  10. I'll watch. Maybe the first episode and see what its all about.
  11. Saw the trailer and feel so bad for Bobby Kris. She's a train wreck just waiting to happen.
  12. Watching now...Bobbi Kristina seems as opportunistic as Pat, IMO.
  13. I just want to "shift" Bobbie Kris' wig, a little.
  14. All I know is she referred to Whitney as 'our' mother - 'our' as in her and Nick. Now they're ma'am.
  15. Something ain't clean in the milk.

    Why was Pat's picture first during the opening credits? Thirsty self!