Are you ready for more cinnamon?

  1. Maybe ocean then? I will let all these pics do the talking! Oh my gosh:wtf: - I am so thrilled with these colors!!!! I am in LOVE!!!! The leather is aahhh ... exquisite. :p The leather on the cinnamon is a little thicker than the ocean, but both leathers are soooo soft!!! My cinnamon day won't get here soon enough! These pics are true to color - outside and in!

    more coming!!:heart::heart:
    cinnamon2.jpg cinnamon3.jpg cinnamon 1.jpg cinnamon.jpg ocean3.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
    ocean1.jpg ocean2.jpg ocean4.jpg
  3. Wow, the colors are amazing on both! Congrats!
  4. both colors are great, but the blue really catches my eye.
  5. One More!!!!
  6. Ally girl congrats:yahoo: they are both gorgeous. :wlae:The Blue one reminds me of your Cornflower City. :nuts:Enjoy them in good health.:heart:
  7. oops - forgot the pic!
    It is soooo similar to cornflower - a little more vibrant -there is NO aqua or green of any kind in it like the first pic I posted! I'm sooo happy! Thanks for everyone's comments!! (Nanaz - get the cinnamon!)
  8. Wow!! Your pics really give me an idea of what Ocean looks like... Hmmm... I think I'm now interested in this color too!! Definately different then the blues I have!! :tup:

    Gorgeous!! And I can't get enough Cinnamon!! I can't wait to see your day!! TOMORROW!! :yahoo:

  9. Ally Girl, Kim is holding one for me till Tues and i might just do that.:graucho:
  10. Wow! The colors are soooo purdy. congrats!
  11. Bags - there you are! You are right - I love it!!! :heart::heart::heart: Just that little piece of cinnamon in my hand - it's thicker than all my bags, it's beautiful, luscious, tomorrow will never get here!
  12. ALLY!!!!!~ :yahoo:Congrats!!!:yahoo: Both colors are GORGEOUS!!!!!:heart::drool::drool::heart:
  13. ally both are gorgeous, especially the ocean one
  14. Great colors! They are too cute! I think I need one!!! :yes:
  15. Really gorgeous! The leather looks just wonderful too!