Are you ready for Lady Braid Bag pics??

  1. I received Lady Braid Doctor's Bag in Violet today. It retailed for $2450 + Tax. Leather is Crushed Lumb Skin, but it looks so much more durable that 2.55 flap bags in lamb skin. I generally like the bag, but it didn't WOW me when I see it first.....I'll def. sleep on it, if I keep it or not. These seems like harder to find in stores.




  2. It's gorgeous! Are you keeping?
  3. It is gorgeous, and the color is stunning. Let us know what you decide?
  4. Mmm... such a yummy color on a gorgeous bag! :drool:

    Thank you for posting up photos, wintotty!
  5. Wow! I think it's stunning too. :love:

    What makes you apprehensive about it?
  6. Oooh, it's pretty stunning!

    If she doesn't give you butterflies ship her off though!
  7. I love the color, but not the bag. I like the plum jumbo, and E/W...
  8. stunnnnnnnning .. veeeeeeery unique ... Keep it :heart:
  9. The color is unique. Tought decicision! It look like LB has more sheen & MC is matted?
  10. The color it quite vibrant...the style reminds me of the VL tote and bowler..
  11. if it was not love at first sight..then as painfult as it may be..return it. for that price it should be love at first will enjoy her better and use her more. otherwise everytime you take her will have that thought in your mind what if?....
  12. It really is a tough decision to make. I love the color and handles, but not sure abouot overall shape. Even though I can put it over to shoulder, it's quite tight...def. meant to be hand-held.........
  13. i don't feel the wow either...

    i would like it more i guess if the violet is darker.
  14. Totally agree with the remarks made here.... imo, this is a good point in helping you to come to a decision.

    My opinion on this bag, since you are asking.... nay for me. But if you like it and it makes your heart lurch whenever you look at it.... don't be bothered by what others say.
  15. It's a cute little bag, but I think the braided handles are wee bit overwhelming on that small of a bag and the purple is more limiting (e.g. what you can wear with it). It definitely reminds me of the Sq Vintage line. If this one didn't give you the 'WOW-FACTOR', there are so many other bags out there that will. Good luck deciding.