Are You Ready For Another RAOK?

  1. Just checking in.....are you guys ready to start up another RAOK?? I'm envisioning starting 3/1 and going for 2-3 months!

    Let me know what you think....wasn't sure it has been a long enough downtime for everyone!
  2. sorry but what is a raok?
  3. Yes!!!I havent done one yet, cant wait!!
  4. well i dnt no what it is but everyone gets excited so il do it
  5. Hi Twigs.....where have you been??!!
    long time no post here in LV !!
    I think i'd give it a go this time....
    hope all's well with you? !!
  6. I know what ROAK stands for but don't know what is involved :shame: can someone please enlighten the uninitiated??......but count me in :tup:
  7. RAOK = Random Act of Kindness

    it's kind of like a secret santa, u get a buddy and u send gifts to them (and u get gifts too), but they don't know who u are and vice versa (until the very end)

    (at least that's what i think it is, i've never participated in it..someone correct me if i'm wrong)
  8. RandomActsOfKindness is an anonymous gift exchange. Like secret santa. It is loads of fun. Naomi does a wonderful job of organzing it.
  9. How do you join RAOK?
  10. OHHH I haven't done this since HS
  11. Interesting, is there a set spending limit..., Secret Santa's a work we put a set limit on what you can spend
  12. i ma interested...SIGN ME UP...:tup: how do we know what address to sent item?:confused1:
  13. oh!!! that sounds exciting!!! how much about is the limit???
  14. I guess I should ask the question can you be an overseas member to take part?
  15. You will know who you get/ who to ship the present to once everyone signs up before the deadline and Naomi draws the names. You will be PM'd once your buddy's name is drawn, along with their address. The rules, such as how much the limit is, will be posted a few weeks before the RAOK begins. :tup:

    Overseas people can join too.