Are you quirky?

  1. I just noticed that every time I make copies at work I hold them in my hands warming them up for awhile and sometimes I'll put it against my cheeks to warm my face also! :nuts:

    So what do you do that's weird...c'mon, spill it!
  2. ahhh I completely remember the lovely hot paper that comes out of the copier!! I used to love it too :biggrin:

    I would have always described myself as quirky, but at this moment, cannot think of one single thing that I do that is weird, because my weird things seem completely normal to me ;)
  3. I'm slightly OCD so I tend to do weird organizational things.

    When I get a coffee at Starbucks I line up the logo with the mouth part of the lid and the logo on the sleeve so they're all facing the same way.

    That's just one of many. :P
  4. When I am leaving my house, I always test the door to make sure it is locked like 3 times!!

  5. LOL! :lol:

    I do things like that, too! :biggrin: If there's a logo on one side of a cup, I'll turn it to the outside and if the logo's on both sides, I'll line them up so one faces me and the other faces straight out!

    I don't know why I feel the need to help companies advertise! :shrugs:

    Also, I'm always late, so I try to ask people to tell my partner the times of appointments/meetings etc. instead of me, so he can lie to me! :lol: When I tell them why, most people think it's hilarious and in an odd kind of a way, I think it can be an ice breaker! :lol:

    I'm sure people must think I'm oddly protective of my clothes and accessories, too! :biggrin:
  6. My list of weird things that I do goes on and on!

    The worst one is I have a fear of leaving the stove on, so before I leave the house I have to touch each one of the burners with my hand three times! My SO thinks I am crazy!
  7. Your not alone on your being late thing. My uncle and his family can never arrive at any family function on time. So my family does the same thing you do.....for instance.....Thanksgiving is coming up, my family is planning on having lunch around order for him and his family to show up at that time we'll tell them we want them there at 11:30.

    So don't feel bad!!! Take pride in the fact that you're aware of your always being late and you've taken steps to uncle and his family ALWAYS deny that they're late, they always come up with excuses like there was traffic or that's not the time you told us.
  8. ^ Thank you so much for your understanding, hell_lo_kitty. :flowers:

    I find that many people don't understand that some people just can't help being late, however hard they try not to be. :shrugs:

    They seem to think it's intentional and that it's due to arrogance, or attention seeking, or something. :sad:

    But I hate keeping people waiting - hence the lying thing!

    With me it's completely genetic - apparently, my father was hours (if not days!) late for appointments, all his life and as he died when I was only a baby, in my case, it can't be learned behaviour!
  9. Oh I understand Chloehandbags...some of these things are genetic. And most people don't mean to be late to my family we would be more understanding with my uncle---he has 3 kids and nothing ever goes as planned with kids and it always takes longer to get them ready than planned----if it weren't for him being such an a$$ about it. He's been doing it as long as I can remember, even before he had a family. He's just so self-centered that he thinks the whole world should revolve around him. :Push:

    I'm kind of bad about being late to some things...if it's something with my job or a serious appointment I'm always early. But if it's just something I'm doing with friends I'm late sometimes. I think it's something on a subconsious my head I don't want to look bad professionally, but with my friends who cares right??? :P j/k
  10. some examples :
    • i don't sleep with my wrists face up, they need to face down ALL the time
    • everytime someone touched my side of the body, i touched the other side to balanced it
    • when i'm nervous i bit my nails and cuticle. when i'm in deep stress, i cut the nails on my feet. right now 2 toe nails are completly gone.
  11. i love the smell of powder in the morning...
  12. I have a few!! LOL My SIL and I were just talking about this!! I wash my hands ALOT...not sure why. Also when I use my toner I always count out 8 sprays. It makes me crazy if my closet is not all organized by color. (pinks with pinks, whites with the whites etc..) My bed must have hospital corners...I think that is almost it...oh and my weird grocery thing. I like all my stuff bagged how I put them away kind of thing..cold with the cold...or pantry stuff etc...ok now I feel like a total freak. lol
  13. LOL everyone!

    Did anyone ever count things? ceiling lights, tiles on floors... I used to do that alot when I was younger, and still a little bit now.
  14. My DH thinks I'm quirky...this morning as we were getting ready...I couldn't quit singing Michael jackson's "Billie Jean"...after a few minutes I gave him a little show, complete with the moonwalk and hand over the crotch pelvic thrusts!!! We were cracking up so much...he thinks I am a complete wierdo, BUT suggested the next time I sing Karaoke...I might want to incorporate my new moves!!!!
  15. i LOVE topics like this!

    • i like to line up my steps with cracks in the side walk and see how many steps it takes for the pattern to repeat, just for fun.
    • when im sitting in traffic i re-arrange the licence plate numbers on the car infront of me, i'll make up weird patterns that dont even make sence, but i make them make sence.. if thats understadable
    • i talk to my birds like theyre my kids (not that i have kids.. but if i did...) and people think its hilarious
    • i need the trip odometer and the milage on my car to match perfectly. if it gets reset it drives me crazy and i watch it like a hawk to reset it EXACTLY at the next 1000 mile mark. i dont know why... its just one of those things.
    its these weird little things that keep us all just a little different than each other :yes: