Are you prepared for an emergency?


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Sep 19, 2006
Father's day is around the corner, and that (for some reason) is my trigger to check our emergency supplies.

Here in CA earthquake country it is so important. At our house we are prepared. At the house we have 2 huge plastic storage tubs with first aid stuff, dried food, camping stove etc, plus plenty of water. We each have in the back of the car, smaller stocks of the same things.

Good time to make some effort and make sure your family is ready :smile:


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Mar 31, 2006
In the last ten years, our power has gone out a total of three times -- and one of those times was when my air-headed SO didn't pay the power bill. The other two were for a few hours at a time.

Our "emergency kit" is for the type of emergency that requires immediate evacuation -- harnesses for the dogs, carry cases for the birds, cash, bottled water and ammunition.

OK, the ammunition is sort of a joke.

I took a class from an adjunt prof who was an FBI agent and his answer to what everyone should have to be prepared in case of an emergency is a lot of cash and extra ammo.


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Feb 26, 2007
I totally don't. We like to keep a jug of water in the fridge, and we do have some canned/nonperishable food items, but we aren't set for an emergency. We'd be struggling to find flashlights, candles, etc., too. Maybe I should make up a little emergency kit.

We don't ever experience anything that requires these things, so I guess I've slacked in this area, but you never know. The only time we ever prepare is when we know we're getting a huge snow storm, then we make sure that we get some groceries and know where the candles are, just in case.


Mar 9, 2006
LOL, this thread reminds me of the bird flu scare a few years ago. My boss got an email from a certain state govenor she's friends with telling all of his super rich friends that the bird flu was going to strike soon and devastate America, and he wants to make sure all of his friends prepared so it was a long detailed list of what to buy and how to make a flu-safe bunker. The email ended with instructions only to share it with "like-minded people of the same social status."

Nice, right?
May 31, 2006
We have canned food, flashlights and candles. Carrying case for the cat and extra leashes and collars for the dog. Horse trailer is easy to hitch up if we had to leave town fast and my horse is excellent at loading quickly. I always have all his equipment ready to go. He's also insured and micochipped incase of anything. I pay more attention to animal stuff than my own self. :nogood:


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Feb 4, 2007
Strange reading this when you talk of Hurricanes, Tornado's etc - but at different stages of my life and career I have been prepared in a totally different way for totally different types of emergencies.

As usual a great thread Tink, stops and makes people think - not just of themselves but others and other peoples lives too.


Jan 27, 2006
There's not much to be ready for where I live, but I keep a torch on my desk when it's dark in winter, does that count? hehe.

I hope some freak storm doesn't hit the UK as I think we'd all be very badly unprepared!


May 16, 2006
Yes, I took this GOOD habit with me from the US. We do have an emergency kit and food and water rations for at least one week. Our important papers are also located in a fire-proof safe next to our supplies so in case we have to evacuate our papers will be safe and all in one place.

It's required to have a first Aide kit here in your car, so we have that, bottles of water, etc! :smile:

...It's weird to think, but I think I have experienced every type of natural disaster that they have in the US (and maybe the rest of the world??). Wild Fires, Mud slides, Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake...Huh


Dec 27, 2006
we have water, flashlights, candles, lanterns, batteries, etc, but that's as prepared as we get. suppose it wouldn't hurt to do more since we are prone to hurricanes. a few years ago we were out of power for 2 1/2 weeks :tdown: after a while we got used to it and it was actually rather peaceful not having a tv/computer, etc. except for the FREAZING showers every morning!!! not cool. haha