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Are you Pregnant?

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  1. After reading through the 4 or so Pregnancy Threads that are going on in the Health Section, I thought it might be fun to see how many pregnant women there really are on tPF!

    My pregnancy is nearly over...I'm 33 weeks according to my old due date, but according to my new one I'm 34.5! :yahoo:

    How far along are all you expecting ladies?

    Have you found out the sex yet if you are planning on finding out?
  2. not at the mo - hahaha...

    wow 34,5 - my son came at 38 weeks so it may happen soon. all the best ;)

    oh, I always said i didnt want to know whether it is boy or girl, but asked in the end anyway....
  3. For the past few days I've been feeling kind of funny and things have been "moving along" down there (I've been losing big chunks of my plug) and I think I may have had a contraction this afternoon. It was very very different than my BH contractions
  4. i'm not. :p
  5. Me neither.
  6. want to be, but aren't.
  7. I'm sure it'll happen soon for you, baby ;) Have you been trying for a while now?
  8. ^ since oct. my system has been really out of whack since the first pregnancy- my thyroid is off and that could be affecting other things (other than my weight). i see the dr this week so i'm hoping she will really listen and be helpful.
  9. Hope that your visit goes well!
  10. no, but trying soon
  11. Heavens No! We have our two boys and we are done!

    I do enjoy watching all of the 'bellies' pop out in the spring and summer each year Seems like everyone is pregnant now.....everywhere I look/go.
  12. I am for a least a few more hours/days!

    We're having a girl, and I'm just waiting for contractions to "feel right" to go in and deliver. I hope my water breaks, as that will be an easy way to tell I'm in labor.
  13. Nope!
  14. AWW congrats! ^^ I knew both times because my lower back started to KILL me. As if they were kicking out my kidneys! With my first, I was like you, just waiting and I didn't know what to really wait for....LOL. I remember calling my mother in law the Wednesday before I went into labor (went in on Saturday morning) and I told her my back had started to hurt and I was lying down. She told me that it was nearing time! I was so I thought I'd go in that day but didn't until 3 days later!
  15. Not pregnant! Don't wanna be!