Are you picky when it comes to coach bags?

  1. Well, I am just wondering because I am picky in many things. Even a little small scratch I see sometimes freak me out! and even to the point that I freak out when I don't have a dust bag which I found out some bags don't come with one. I am just wondering, Are you picky about your bags? Whether it has a huge mark or not? Other than damage, are you picky about your choices in bag? I am sorry for being picky. :sad:

    I just got my signature pouch today and on my tag there are two marks or dent, I guess because it got crushed along with my bag during shipping? Should I go back to macys and ask them to change it? or is it ok just like that?

    Yea, you can barely see them bc of my old digi camera :sweatdrop:
    Sorry for being picky again :s
  2. I am supppper picky! I HATE when the C's dont match up on a light colored bag. and i will make the SA go back and get a few different bags until I find one that doesnt have any scratched leather. But the hangtag isnt that big of a deal to me. I wouldnt return it over the hangtag. As long as the bag itself is flawless I would be happy!
  3. I'm VERY picky too....when I go to the boutique to buy a bag, I tell the SA's to bring out 4-5 bags for me to choose from and I look at them VERY carefully! They know me now, so they know to go in the back for me!!!! I feel if we are spending soooooo much money on a bag, it should be as perfect as it can be when we bring it home!
  4. Yes, I'm VERY picky when it comes to my bags. You spend all of this money on a bag, it had better be FLAWLESS! That's my opinion anyway. If it honestly bothers you, then return it for another, caz you won't wear it if it drives you crazy. Sorry this happened to you.:flowers:
  5. I am VERY picky about my bags.

    I know it's bad.. but i've bought and returned 4 coach bags in a span of 1 week because I kept changing my mind. >_<

    I'm sure the SA's near me hate me by now. TOT
  6. I'm picky too. I just sent back a Choc. Ergo Hobo b/c it had a tiny scratch on the front snap. If it bugs you, you should totally get a new one!:smile:
  7. I'm just as picky at the outlets as well. I look through every last one of the style I'm interested in before deciding on which one is the best. Come to think of it .... I do this with everything I buy. I must OCD!
  8. Hey umm can I trade my old tag with the new tag instead of returning it? It'll be such a hassle to return my bag, Can't Macys just like switch my coach tag with a new one? Has anyone tried this before?
  9. Oh yeah, queen of pickyness right here!! But I call it anal. *lol* My items need to be brand-spanking new and flawless when I first get it and, god forbid, if there were to ever be a small stain, a little dirty, or an imperfection after using it - it never gets used again.
  10. Oh yes I'm picky...but of course SA's will bring out something new from the back after I've decided and we'll look at it together before it's rung up. That part I have no problem with.

    I'm picky and reject every bag and tote with that awful half zipper across the top. That's stopped me from buying SO MUCH Coach I can't even tell you. Thankfully my new Gigi doesn't have that.
  11. Im not super picky with Coach theyre all pretty much made well but nevertheless i do appreciate them bringing out a few for me to look at. =)
  12. I'm not really picky about teensy details, but I can be picky about the style/shape/size of bags. I'm picky in the sense that it takes something really special to wow me, I think I dislike MOST of the bags on the website, haha.
  13. I agree with you, I'm SUPER picky about shape. There's only been a few coach bags ever that I've liked because most of them it's either the shape of the bag or the shape/color of the stitching that bothers me.
  14. I look over every bag that I buy too, but for the minor flaws on your tag I wouldn't bring it back. That's just me though.
  15. If there is even a small flaw, its going back. I think the bags are costly enough that I want it to be perfect. I try to take very good care of them. The one fabric that doesn't work for me is suede. It gets worn and is hard to keep looking clean in the lighter colors so I avoid suede bags even though some of them are stunning.