Are you picky about the color scheme on your multicolor pieces?

  1. Hi guys.... I'm just about to buy my first m/c piece and I was just wondering if you guys are as picky as I seem to be about the color scheme on your bag. I tend to like the speedies with as much pink and purple as possible! I will have to buy my bag slightly used (just a starving student) but I want to make sure I like the colors. Are you like this too?
  2. I am THE most picky person in the WORLD! Promised! ;)
  3. Yes, I think lots of people are. MC is more expensive than brown monogram & you should definitely get the color scheme you want or something very close to it!
  4. i am NOTORIOUSLY picky about mc color combos. when i got my first MC wallet (porte monnaie billets) i had the SA bring out every combo in both black and white MC. there had to be at least 9 wallets on the counter. so don't be embarrassed!!! you're paying good money for MC you have the right to be picky.

    plus, i've read about people who wish they knew there were different combos and regret just purchasing the first one the SA brought out.
  5. I would be, I especially hate the following combo: black-green-pink. The less black the colour scheme has the better.
  6. Just as long as it doesn't have too many pinks, it's all good. :tup:
  7. I really don't care. I got my pieces when they were in demand all over and I couldn't be picky about which combination I got. I'm still not..I like their uniqueness.
  8. i just take the one w/less black on a white MC and less purple or blue on a black MC. I like my colors bright. ;)
  9. I lucked out when I got my MC speedy. It had all the colors I wanted in the front. More blues, etc and less pinks.:tup:
  10. I don't think that I will be very picky at all! I would like some green and pink on there; that's all. :smile:
  11. I ordered my first MC bag a white MC trouville from eluxury last year and I did not even think about the color combo. Now, after tpf I am more picky when it comes to color. I bought a black MC koala bracelet and wanted more blues and my sweet SA found one for me. One day I'll get another MC bag (not anytime soon) and I'll want more of the blue and purples than pinks. I
  12. Yep, I'm very picky!!
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes: but actually, I prefer much of light blue :smile:
  14. This was me. I never knew that there were different color combos until after my purchases. I got lucky though that I got good color combos anyway.
  15. I didn't know there were different color combos either. I had waitlisted for my white speedy and just took the one they store had put back for me. I love her anyway though!!