Are you picky about purse accessories?

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  1. How do you feel about accessories inside your purse? Does your wallet, make up bag, etc. have to be the same brand/style/line as the purse. Do you have matching accessories for each bag your own?

    Or you do you have favorite accessories that you carry no matter which purse you use?

    I have a coach wallet I love but do you think it looks weird if I use it in my LV bag? I also am not a big fan of the cosmetic bags that most designers make- I like clear ones so I can see whats in there and not have to dig around, I have a $8 clear one from Sephora that I like.

    Do you think it looks bad to use non matching/cheap accessories in a designer purse?

  2. nope, for the longest time i've used my coach red wallet in all my bags! balenciaga, paddingtons! i don't think it matters.
  3. I do match my wallets to my purse; if I don't have "the" brand matching I at least have a color matching wallet.

    I have 2 cosmetic cases; one matches a wallet, and the other just is something I have had for a long time. I will probably get some new accessories this year; but, I am picky and have to really love something to invest in it.
  4. I am a little picky but do use my favorite wallet, make up case, etc., with whatever purse I am using. If I am going out somewhere special I do match the colors though.
  5. I use one wallet, and that's it. I switch bags often enough, no need add wallet switching to that. I don't carry an accessories or cosmetics pouch, since the only makeup I carry is a pressed powder compact and lip balm/gloss.
  6. I'm carrying a LV, using a Kate Spade wallet, and a Coach cosmetic bag right now :lol:
  7. I always use the same wallet, too much work to change them :P
  8. I use the same brand of wallet as the purse. I guess I'm accessorizing my accessories! I don't use a cosmetics bag at all as I only carry a powder and a couple of lipsticks with me.
  9. I have owned the same wallet for five years now. It´s totally trash material. I just can´t seem to find a new one. I dump all kinds of stuff in my bag. Always. (most art material. Sketchpads, pencils and so on).. I don´t own a makeup kit or anything near that. The brand (and stuff) can be different to me. So I guess I´m not accessories material...
    I have a feeling if I was my friends would drop dead on the spot... :smile:

  10. I have an LV zipped wallet that I use in the cooler months and a turquoise leather kate spade zip around in warmer months.
  11. Greenie, is that the Zippy Organizer? How do you like it? They're now offering in Damier canvas, and I'm seriously considering getting it. I carry a lot of stuff in my wallet, and it looks at though it would accommodate.

  12. MJ wallet, MJ cosmetics pouch (coincidental). I switch bags OFTEN, but only bags. My wallets and pouches last at least a year from purchase. It'd be nice to have everything match, but it's much more about functionality, I have a lot of crap :P
  13. No, it's the zipped wallet. Here's a link on the LV website (I can't cut and paste the pic).;jsessionid=HZ1M50PDSLKV2CRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_GB

    I like it because the credit cards and stuff are on the side that snaps and the cash and change is on the side that zips. I keep my license in the ID holder.
  14. my crap is my crap no matter what bag it is currently residing in, lol. after all, who is going to see it except me and the checkout girl wherever i am? i try not to buy things just because of brands, and my in-purse accessories are the same way. i don't feel like i need an LV wallet w/ an LV bag, etc. and i think matchy-matchy is a tad unoriginal, IMO.
  15. i hardly ever change my accessories. i have a coach wallet and a kate spade wallet but lately i've been using the kate spade because my coach gets dirty too easily (ugh suede!). no matter what bag i'm carrying, i'll just use whatever things i've been using. i have no need to that would cost more anyways!